Party Picnic Vegan Cheese Dip, Black Bean Dip, Guacamole & Salsa Video Recipe | Bhavna’s Kitchen
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Party Picnic Vegan Cheese Dip, Black Bean Dip, Guacamole & Salsa Video Recipe | Bhavna’s Kitchen

[music playing] welcome to bhavna’s kitchen [music playing] today I’m making my four favorite dip to
go with tortilla chips and I thought of sharing with you all let’s rock the
party the first dip I’m making is black bean
dip so let’s begin one can drained rinsed black beans onion
garlic jalapeno cilantro salt ground cumin black pepper vinegar and olive oil
and I like to add a little bit more olive oil put the lid on run the
processor take out into the bowl smells amazing here YUM
and ready to serve with chips sprinkle finely chopped spring onion black bean dip is not just delicious but it’s also very nutritious so I love to prepare not
just for the party but for any regular day I just love to prepare black bean
dip next I’m making vegan cheese dip here I have some key ingredients to
prepare cheese dip cauliflower onion garlic white cannellini beans cashews
and vegetable stock and to spice it up here I have red pepper flakes black
pepper and to garnish I have chives today blanch cauliflower
and keep aside chop onion peel and chop garlic heat up
about a tablespoon of oil into the pot add onion and saute onion for little bit
add salt add garlic and saute onion and garlic together for a little bit when
onion and garlic is slightly Brown start adding rest of the ingredients cashews
white beans remove cauliflower from the boiling water and add into the pot add
vegetable stock water give it a quick stir now cover and cook till everything
is soft now the white beans are already boiled so all I want to make sure that
white flour cashews and the other ingredients are nice and soft to blend
into nice creamy smooth dip when everything is nice and soft
insert immersion blender and blend everything really nice and smooth as you
can see it’s very thick and creamy also ready to add spices black pepper red
pepper flakes stir so the cheese dip is ready
I like little bit of heat in my cheese dip and if this is serrano peppers
finely chopped trust me this cheese dip tastes amazing next I
have some classic dip Guacamole has to be there to prepare guacamole into the
food processor take avocados cilantro salt lemon juice and run the food
processor and the guacamole is ready in no time for my cuacamole dip I like to
retain their seeds at the bottom to keep guacamole fresh with those seeds look at
this yummy guacamole sprinkle finely chopped onion and tomato YUM creamy guacamole
next salsa party would be incomplete without zesty salsa I’m going to start
with making homemade salsa into the food processor
take onion colorful bell peppers garlic Serrano or jalapeno pepper cilantro
and i am using canned diced tomato I use canned diced tomato just to preserve the
salsa longer for about couple of weeks but you can use fresh tomatoes if you
are using a salsa same a salt ground cumin and lime juice cover and run the
processor and there we have salsa ready salsa to go with corn tortilla chips this is my all-time favorite salsa the
salsa can stays into the refrigerator for up to a couple of weeks so we got
all four dip ready and let’s get the party going now but how can you forget
corn chips and let’s get the party going with corn chips now and now looking at
all this yummy dip I am debating between which one to try I’m
actually going to try cheese dip the texture of cauliflower cashew dip is
totally like creamy smooth I simply love it hope you enjoyed watching this video as
much as I enjoyed making all this dip please do like a comment below what you
think about all this dip recipes and don’t forget to share this video with
your friends and family and if you haven’t subscribe to my channel yet please do so
now bhavnas kitchen and you can also visit
my website for new recipe tips tricks and ideas in the
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