Pasture Run In Shelter
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Pasture Run In Shelter

my name is Kyle stumping horse and I’m
the owner of rural renovators which specializes in post rain buildings so
typical barns today we’re building a pasture running shelter for my wife’s
horse we’ve been wanting to do this project for a few years her horses
getting older and to have this place for it to be out of the weather long-term
it’s just awesome and I can’t wait to show it to her
so far I think I’ve really enjoyed working with the lp building products
mostly because everything is very precise
so it’s been like engineered which is giving it like true dimensions which as
a carpenter or craftsman I want things to be perfect and when you’re dealing
with products that maybe aren’t made to a higher standard
then it makes it harder to install them so everything is precise everything’s
got the right dimensions and it just feels solid so the durability the finish
on it and kind of work with it and not be too afraid to work with it which is a
big deal the durability of the products that have worked with so far with the lp
the trims the panel siding has a really nice like hard surface to it the paint
finish is is really durable you don’t see scratches in it which is good so you
know when you put your final coat of paint on it it’s not gonna have all this
basically marks and scuffs from the installation you know as a contractor
you definitely realize that the products that are durable during installation are
the ones you want to use because the last thing you want to do is to have to
replace products during the installation process so with the lp never had an
issue I didn’t have to you know baby them they were durable so what I would
try to do for my customers to sell them on LP products for those people that are
looking for something extra something different a little bit of flair
durability long term like a residential building or even a post frame home I
would most definitely recommend LP building products to other people in the
profession it’s one of those products that just it feels good and it installs
easy so why would you honestly I’m probably beyond tweeze on
how well the project turned out with the LP smart citing it just really looks
quality it looks top-notch


  • airwolf28

    I like the quality of the product. It give the barn a great deal of character to the building. By the way, how old is the horse?

  • Joshua79C C

    Okay so not shown in recommended on YT's home page at all and found it by checking in on the channel page, way to go Google-YouTube Algorithm, failing yet again despite not allowing Notifications (enabling the "Bell") for new videos.
    Anyway congrats on checking of that TASK and getting a deal on part of the build from what I suppose is a sponsorship and have NO problem with it like some clearly do. I await your own video(s) on getting this little project done, i read the description unlike others.

  • Mac·au

    I like that the reaction is honest and true, not fabricated or fake. I'm very sure if Kyle didn't like a product, he would tell everyone he knew about it, which makes this a very solid endorsement.
    Precision = less time spent correcting issues = more productivity. Love it. 👍

  • Rustin Hawver

    Luisiana Pacific Will never be on my radar. They left Red Bluff CA. and Covelo CA. jobs Moved. Their entire operations were moved to Mexico. I don't blame them for moving, but I do blame them for killing an economy and leaving my father and my friends parents without jobs. Whole businesses that were built around LP's Mills went under. You are building wonderful buildings with their products and I see nothing wrong with endorsing them. I can't buy their products.

  • Mark Knue

    LP Smartside + RR Buildings = Awesome Team; Family & Horse could be a Norman Rockwell Painting. Well done all around Bro!

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