Patriot Campers LC79 6X6 Megatourer Build Series – Episode 4
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Patriot Campers LC79 6X6 Megatourer Build Series – Episode 4

Someone wanted four batteries, that’s why it’s so packed out in there for the remote destination touring that we do power is so important to me, on any build of a touring truck now on this one, I think we’ve gone a little bit overboard I thought there’d be heaps of room for the wirring harness, but then this is only the airbag wirring harness The tray assembly is complete and it’s time to fit it to the chassis The next step is to start the meticulous job of wiring the batteries to all electrical components I don’t know if I want to put KM’s on it of course it’s a show car dude okay, knowing you it will never be showroom condition look at your Black truck that’s what everyone said about the Black Truck What?, oh it’s a show car that thing will never get dirty we’ve got two Lithium Revolution batteries under the tray, and that’s going to power the entire truck then we got two start batteries we’ve gone with an AGM on those as well just to give us that little bit of extra power we’ve got alot of stuff crammed into such a small space it makes my big sausage fingers work a little bit harder along my travels, I’ve run into this new company in Australia WP Pro Brakes, now these guys are really on to it Oi Jack, come check this out mate What have you got? Got a present for you always like presents, there here mate You’ve waited long enough the 79′ series Landcrusier, it doesn’t stop there’s not alot you can do about it we’ve gone with a JMACX brake booster, but we’ve gone with six pot calipers and 360mm rotors, to pull this thing up like a V8 Supercar Hi I’m Spinner from WP Pro Brakes Australia We’ve just made this awesome kit for Patriot Campers You reckon she’s going to stop alright? I don’t know aye, dude that is off the chain the things we’ve done differently for Patriot’s project is we’ve taken away the OEM Toyota braking system which is alot smaller, smaller pads, smaller calipers and smaller rotors so we’re expecting really really awesome braking from this kit this is our WP Pro front upgraded ones this is fairly standard upgraded ones which will pretty much gonna go in the bin, or back to where they came from so all we’ve gotta do is undo those, they’ll be like a 14mm or something pop that new rotor on there it’s a pretty quick install, we just unbolt everything and bolt the new stuff on I know the worst part is the wheel bearings isn’t it? Yep Tell me what’s so special about these? Well there not a normal nylock if that were nylon it would just melt out when the rotor gets hot there actually a stainless steel locking nut and we’ve got a series of washers on there that hold the tension we tension thes up to 25Nm’s when the rotors are serviced perfect the other thing about our calipers is we’ve got our propietary stainless steel bolt system as well which is just a new thing from the factory we’ve got our anti-rattle springs in there is there any anti-squeal pads or anything like that there’s no anti-squeal normally we don’t have that issue with our pads they run pretty true, and alot of that has to do with the rotor itself I mean 79′ series on 37’s, the brakes is the last thing your going to hear isn’t it exactly, so we’re not too concerned about squealing and if people really want to they can put an anti-squeal compound on the back of the pad cool I can’t wait to see them on I’m bleeding brakes at the moment It’s going to take a fair while, because six calipers and no fluid my hands like almost cramped already, probly got like another hour of this to go uhh come on trying to bleed brakes, and I was getting air bubbles still so I tracked it down due to the fluid on the floor and I’ve found a flair that’s not quite right, so I’m just going to take that hose out cut the end off and re-flare it and hopefully that will fix our drama, I haven’t found any other leaks just the one this is great news the other thing that we’ve done different we’ve got 450psi ADR complient brake lines on there this thing is not gonna blow If anythings gonna blow, it’s gonna be the brake pedal first now keeping with the full custom theme we weren’t going to do the same thing, that we’ve done on other trucks with the Rhino Racks Pioneer Platform alright so what we’re doing just here we’re putting in lights brackets for the new roof rack that Jack’s designed we’ve re-designed the brackets to hold three side lights so far it’s going together pretty well Jack and I got together and came up with a concept, of sheet metal sides to intergrate all of the Xray lights so normally we fit a long LED light here but with Jack’s new design we can fit three smaller versions so you can have one pointing straight down, or two straight out just gives it alot more variety in what you can do with everything the custom bit of the roof rack is just the mounts, it’s the standard Rhino platform and then we just did the mounts lowered it 40mm, just to try and take the height out of the vehicle cause it’s going to be tall they need to be staggered, if there sitting flush it doesn’t look right nah just offset, you know what I mean? I’d like to make a custom bracket, yeah make a custom bracket we’ve gotta get the gap between the two lights as close as possible If we go half the light 40mm, keep them butted up as close as they can and this one just sitting, sitting there the custom made brackets we got painted this morning and just lke everything on this truck, custom and everything on this truck, gloss black Countless hours have already gone into this build the team at Patriot have been working day and night to get the Megatourer ready for it’s debut at the 4×4 show in Melbourne with the help of the reduction gears in the portal axles I could go for as big of tyre as I wanted and with Mickey Thompsons, I’ve been using those guys really from day one still to this day I’ve never changed a tyre, on any of my trucks touring why would I go with anything else woah woah are they gonna fit? maybe? we’ll see I don’t know you calculate everything, you put it on and work out it’s going to fit but you never really know untill you stick it on that’s alot of tyre aye? the back wheels won’t rub or contact but they might stick out a little bit I wanted something that again wasn’t availible off the shelf so we air frieghted in from the USA a set of 37×13.5″ Mickey Thompson MTZ’s ROH Wheels are constantly developing new products now the boy’s showed me a while ago, a design of a new wheel they were thinking about bringing in to the Australian market so these are our new rim we’re going to go with yeah okay oh they look good, nice aren’t they that’s going to look nice on there when we decided on this build I had to have those rims so a couple of phone calls and another twisted arm I got a custom set of wheels made In a custom offset, just to suit this truck The whole team are racing to the finish line so everyone gets involved in fitting the new wheels and tyres to the Megatourer the wheels have just gone on the back for the first time and looks pretty cool aye How you going man? hey mate, how you going? good, exciting yes all the Redarc gear Redarc Electronics are one of our closest affiliates we use all of their products in our entire range our Camper Trailers, our Toy Haulers and our Supertourers so their definatley the natural choice to control the Megatourer’s power station Im Joel from Redarc Electronics we’re here helping Justin do the build on the truck today quality is imperative to Redarc, that’s what we really strive for is quality for the build and also reliability of the product so that’s part of our core so we got boost and EGT, and then we got our oil pressure and our water temp right there and then in our T-console we’ll have the volt gauge, just up there so today we’re going to finish all of our interior wirring all the Redarc gear, the amp just to get it all done cause we are under the pump, and we’ve got alot to finish With the deadline looming the pressure is building for Jaxon he’s realised he’s missed something crucial and it looks like he’ll have to re-do the wiring cut the power wire in half and run it to the circut breaker I can’t it’s behind the wall ah you yep, that’s something you wont do twice yeah nah me not thinking I put my wire from my battery straight to the BMS not fuseing it so now I have to redo my work disconnect cut, re-run the joys It’s all hands on deck as the boys race to finish the build before the Megatourer heads back to GSL to complete the exhaust and engine tune so what we’re doing today is we’re focusing on the front end gonna get the winch, the lights, the bullbar all in so before I can put the bullbar on, I actually have to put the fascia on first which we have to modify for the intercooler woo someones got the acetone going how am I spose to get that bolt in man? oh nah that’s gotta be where it is, because these bolts are lined up the winch rope is jammed up against the horn come on man does your hand fit? Mine don’t I like it I reckon it looks unreal you know alot of people are gonna hate it, alot of people are gonna love it but I like it Justin likes it everyone at work likes it it’s a winner this is our TJM steering damper we took our Toyota one out because it’s just tiny, and they last about half an hour this one’s just, huge perfect, should keep the 37’s nice and straight and keep the steering wheel smooth the bigger diameter got are heaps more damping force because we’ve got heaps more tire we’re aiming to have a minimum height, like a parked minimum loading type height enough wheel travel to make it nice and comfortable on the road, but also nice and stable and then an elevated height, just to give maximum offroad clearance we’re throwing everything we can at this project staff are working overtime, people from the office are out there working on the car we’ve got supliers in here doing their bit to get it finished do you know what it’s going to look like in here? pornstar that’s it, suede everywhere, pornstar damn that’s a nice seat filling up all the diff oils, the hubs cause normally everyone does the double lightbar ontop well we aint everyone exactly, we go over the top that’s what we’re known for now it’s coming down to the wire, this is the end of it the big Mega 6×6 is going back to GSL for the final tune their going to finish up the exhaust we’ll get it back in here and get the interior complete and it’s good to go the boys have just done an absolutley amazing job getting this thing done today we did a tune on it as far as I’m concerned it’s worked out pretty well for the amount of fuel we’ve had to play with It’s a weapon to drive, so I can only imagine what it’s gonna be like in the mud I can only imagine what it’s gonna be like in the mud
like it will be heaps of fun, he’s gonna have a ball in it like it will be heaps of fun, he’s gonna have a ball in it how’d we go with the tune, the dyno I think for the amount of fuel it’s letting us have at this stage with the injectors that we’ve got in i mean we can make changes, and send caps back to the States and go again considering what works been done to the car, that’s a good outcome Justin’s reaction to this, I hope is good I think he’d be crazy not to like it so yeah I think he’s really going to get a kick out of this and I’m jealous that It’s not mine, so if he doesn’t like it, just swing it my way aye The Megatourer is trucked back to Patriot HQ with little time to spare The 4X4 show deadline is approaching but Justin throws one more thing at the boys I felt like there was something missing on the tray I got on the phone, called the boys down at Polaris what do you know, next morning a suprise arrives who’s not busy? don’t you have enough toys? dude, you can’t have enough toys as if we’re not stressed and rushed enough we have to build this Polaris 1000 to go on the back of the 6×6 ready to go mate? oh man you don’t want to wait like ten minutes, so I can go for a ride nah nah nah, I’l test it, I’l see how it goes you sure? I’l do quality assurance for yah have you started it yet? Nup It can’t be work all the time, we do love our toys and every now and again, gotta let the boys have a little bit of fun dude the thing hauls arse In true Patriot Camper’s fashion we can’t leave anything alone, we went to town on the scrambler new wrap, new wheels, new tyres and a custom paint job now the build’s nearing the end, I think I’m up in everyone’s faces the boy’s want to see me gone, so why not this weekend, I’m going racing the boy’s from Polaris after our success at Finke they’ve invited me back for a round of the SXS Championship now this is completely different racing In Finke, your really battling yourself, your battling the clock out here, your battling nine other drivers on one track with big jumps it’s gonna be a real fun day, and I’l see if I still got it or not we all jump up, out of our seats kid’s are running down there to see what’s going on and bam, roll over I freak out the kid’s are like, woo I caught that on camera but hey, I got it on film


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