Patriot Campers LC79 6X6 Megatourer Build Series – Episode 5
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Patriot Campers LC79 6X6 Megatourer Build Series – Episode 5

It’s D-day for the Megatourer to hit the road As the team are fitting the final components Justin’s tee’d up a fitting mode of transport to get it down to the Melbourne 4X4 show today was the day of the first road test, of the Mega 6×6 and just in time, I’ve gotta get this thing down to the Melbourne 4×4 Show so Jack and I jumped in the truck we ran it up the highway but I pulled a few strings, I had another suprise how you going Dean? how are you boy’s? good mate, good to see yah yeah you too, Dean this is Jack Jack how are you mate? Nice looking rig you got there hey we heard on the grapevine that Justin was in a jam we got the call, and hey we were happy to step up for a fellow Queenslander all I can say is, mate please don’t take it down up to the cape I can’t make any guarantees, does this thing have a GPS tracker in it? yeah it does actually we got it geofenced when we get back to the workshop Jack, get one of the boys to cut that out we’ve focused heavilly in Southeast Queensland our manufacturing facility is only about half a kilometer from where we sit at the moment so manufacturing and building in Brisbane is pretty significant for us and the beauty about it is, that it gives us a good insight into Australian conditions manufacture it locally, and mate export worldwide how many wheels have you got on your truck? a couple less than you I’ve got eighteen dude I’ve still got enough to keep me happy Alright so this is it, we’re off to the Melbourne 4×4 the truck’s finally built, the boys have pulled out absolutley every single stop to get this thing done how we looking boys? Im ready to roll, Mack Truck’s in the driveway We’re good to go good to go, yup all strapped down? that thing better not come off on me aye? that will be your fault you’ve got everything in here everything we need for the show all the show stuff, merch and stands and banners awesome we’re good to go Jack are we ready for real? Can we load this thing up? yeah let’s load it up, Christian’s coming in from school in forty minutes and then it’s highway time you driving it on? Nah you can bring it in mate, drive it on straight up that’s it we’ve just done the final loadup, and this whole program and this rig I’m probly more excited about the drive down there then actually getting to the Melbourne 4×4 we’re launching the 6×6 at the Melbourne Show I’m coming down, not Ashton becasue I’m the Nav Man It’s time to hit the road Justin and Christian have a two-day drive to Melbourne and while Justin’s no stranger to banking a few KM’s he’s feeling nervous about revealing the Megatourer to the world Alright so this is it we’re bumped in, we’re here at the Melbourne 4×4 Show we’re ready to release this truck to the world I’ts been a monumental effort, from the whole team at Patriot Campers Christian my Nav Man the drive down, now we’re about to release this thing to the world and we’ll see what the response is going to be like right now at the moment on the 37’s it’s making 237kw’s at the back wheels just flown in with Ashton and Mia, were at the 4×4 show in Melbourne Justin’s down at the TJM Stand, were at Patriot Campers he’s having all the fun with the 6×6 but more importantly the truck’s a 79′ series which is very popular all around the world this is something no one else has done, this is probably the best 79′ series anywhere in the world It’s something else, it’s probly a bit sureal it hasn’t really settled in I’ve flown to Melbourne today Justin rang me last night, invited me up here for my birthday to have a look at the hype about the 6×6 I think it’s just a magnificient piece of Australian ingenuity this thing has not been built for show, let me assure you we’ll be doing some testing over the next couple of months So four years, look at what Justin’s created, this is a phenomenon alot of us have come down to check it out, and it’s definitley living up to it’s reputation nah we’re stoked, stoked with it mate it’s been wild, like I can’t get over how many people have come to just check it out, it’s been sorta blowing me away a fair bit this build has turned out awesome everyone’s reactions are going crazy about it, it’s just going mental If there was another opportunity with Patriot Campers, we’d definitley be involved it is insane thankyou very much guys, thanks for coming out We’ll here it is Patriot Campers have done it again the Mega 6×6 took a standard 79′ and did what no one’s ever done with the six wheel drive kit, and the big tyres we knew we were going to need some serious power so we took it out to GSL, and the boys went to town big turbo, and twin stack 4″ exhaust we’ve gone away from the typical, matte black Patriot Campers theme for this one we wanted something different so we started with a full respray, in a custom China Grey nothing standard was ever going to suit, so we worked with TJM custom barwork to accomodate the wider track I’ve been working with JMACX for about twelve months on doing something completley different with a 79′ cut a brand new car in half and welded on a new chassis something else different that no one’s done before I thought the 6×6 needed a set of portal axles so I hooked up with the boys from Mark’s 4WD we got all that extra diff clearance, and the reduction gears to run the 37’s we’ve already taken it this far and the 79’s, they don’t stop with four wheels so I engaged the boy’s from WP Pro they hooked us up with a set of six pot calipers, and 330mm rotors the whole setup is riding on air ECU controled from Airbag Man and custom matched TJM monotube remote reservoir shocks and the boy’s have given me three levels of ride height go from four, to six, to eight inches of lift this truck’s got the sexiest rear end on the road we’ve got twin 37’s up on the deck mounted race truck style to the Patriot mini-canopy the vision for a project like this doesn’t come together overnight so I put Jack to work and let him do what he does best this project was all consuming we took a Supertourer tray re-designed it with a new look and then custom sheet metal front flares for the wider track adding to the custom sheet metal we did fuel tanks with Brown Davis and custom mounts for the Rhino Rack platform and intergrating into that platform and the front bar we’ve put in a full suite of Xray Lights we worked with the team at ROH who custom built us a one off set of 18×9″ Vapors we wrapped them in in 37×13.5″ Mickey Thompson MTZ’s now the 79′ series is definitly no luxury truck we replaced the factory front seats with something a bit more comfortable and then the team at Trimworx wrapped everything they could in black leather, black suede and yellow stitching the amount of electronics that we fitted into this rig and just the cabling alone was something reminiscent of a Boeing Aircraft the standard stereo went in the bin and we got the full suite from Alpine it definitley wouldn’t be a Patriot Supertourer without front and rear torque winches and for this truck here to keep the front clean we mounted the GME whip, on the headboard of the tray now when I delivered all of the Redarc boxes out into the factory I definitley saw a few of the boy’s get nervous we turned this thing into a rolling powerplant custom sheet metal installation to hide all the gear behind the seats and the Revolution Lithuim Batteries under the tray now we’re getting pretty well known for our toys and when I saw that big empty space up on the deck I made a phone call to Polaris, and they hooked me up with a brand new Scrambler 1000 working with the best tradesmen in the industry, my team’s killed it and we’ve reset the standard, for Australian offroading and we hand picked the best supliers, who are at the top of their game to make this monster build happen now the Megatourer is complete we’ve already got the next build planned but first we need to get this engineered and complied for Australian roads like the Black Truck, this beast hasn’t been built just for show and we’re going to prove what it can do, on Season 2 of Patriot Games


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