Patriot Picnic at Chicano Park – Start to Finish by Kris
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Patriot Picnic at Chicano Park – Start to Finish by Kris

we are critics of the publicly funded la
raza and communist murals and Chicano Park word leaked out that we were merely
coming to Chicano Park to view the murals and a large angry mob of 500
met us the la raza ideology was founded by Jose Vasconcelos an extreme hater of
America he was also a paid Nazi agent and propagandist in Mexico in the 1930s
and 40s the la raza ideology is similar to Nazism but tailored for the new
mestizo race that is the brown Hispanic race, which he said is the ultimate
superior race I think you can clearly see in this video who the real fascists
are the Chicanos and their progressive allies they are violently intolerant of
anyone who does not conform to their agenda of the destruction of America all
right guys this is the first annual Patriot picnic at Chicano Park they always do their job in San Diego
I’m glad to hear it sorry if I’m a little jaded they call it something or not and when okay all right guys here this is what happens
when you come to Chicago parks for the first annual Patriot picnic pizza and
water they think they think they’re gonna dock something like they think
they’re gonna try to find out where I work and call my boss and get me fired
sad thing is oh look they look those tall cans are fucking dumb shit over
there yeah that guy over there with the beard there he is
yeah we know that guy that guy’s known and
chief over there Easy like Sunday morning… somebody
singing Oh it’s not related on I’m just curious
like how would they know that we’re we’re who we say we are just curious Spanish: Hey guys. Thank you for the welcoming party. this is the way we’re treated in our own
country it is ridiculous like you can’t even go into a federal park and go look
at the mural propaganda is ridiculous we got dangerous holy-moly would you like a piece of beets on how
about some water oh yeah all right all these guys therefore can’t even go
can’t even go into your own car it’s gonna get live here guys
live these guys think they’re tough we got pizza guys hungry wants a pizza
Oh your big dog and yeah 17 year old an old man and a couple of guys are so true I know you
yeah you got me you got me figured out bro there we go Hey a white piece of shit you’re a racist
motherfucker dog you’re the fuckin racist Hey every section Hey hey sure their rides Hey I don’t know why there’s so much boiling you can’t go anywhere alright I thought
this was a free country I thought we had debate here dr. Leiter October the mural I know you guys Oh I just want to see the mural they won’t let me die the founder this barge was a Nazi
sympathizer the founder of the park was a Nazi
sympathizer bro we just trying to have a peaceful picnic
in the park we got San Diego we have good police officers in San
Diego that’s the difference which one no Rome or Bradley you’re
gonna go with Rome you’re gonna go with Ross it’s all good that’s what it’s all
about God


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