Pauly D’s Positively Pissed 👿 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Pauly D’s Positively Pissed 👿 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

Oh my God, Jenny!
I see him right there. Oh my God! Are you … kidding me? We can’t escape
this freaking guy! Ew, he’s giving us the finger. Who? Oh, that guy? This chooch chucks
off the girls for no reason. I’m a positive guy, but the only
thing this guy’s doing to me is Pauly D positively …
me off in such a nice place. What a … chooch.
Get out of here, you chooch! Wow, what a … [crosstalk]
No, no, no, no, no, no. What’s up [inaudible]?
What’s up my guy? What’s up my guy?
You want something my guy? You don’t want nothing my guy.
You don’t nothing my guy!- Oh my God. What’s up my guy? Pauly! Pauly! Pauly! Pauly!
Pauly! Pauly goes and makes
this freaking guy his bitch and I love it and so does everybody else
in this freaking club! Pauly! Pauly! Pauly! Thank you. I don’t play that. Pauly! Pauly! Pauly! I’m like, that’s right.
That’s my man. That’s my man. Oh, that was so- You looked so hot! That was awesome! Let’s get Pauly girls.
You deserve a line of girls. It means the world when Pauly
stands up for us girls because this freaking guy sucks and you don’t mess
with our family or you deal with the boys. Or the girls.
Mostly Jenny.


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