Paw Patrol and PJ Masks taken by Bad Dog Wiggles with the Assistant Mickey Mouse Camping Set

– [Assistant] Family fun for everyone! Hey everyone, let’s go camping. – [Mr. Engineer] Hey Assistant, I love your Mickey Mouse tent. And look you’ve got Catboy
from PJ Masks and Paw Patrol. – And Paw Patrol, and
I have Rolly and Bingo, and my exploring kit. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s
right. That looks like fun, so what are you going to do first? – I’m going to make s’mores
with my trusty stick. – [Mr. Engineer] That
sound like a great idea. – Hey Wiggles, The Assistant has sticks that are bigger than ours, what
are you gonna do about that? – Well, Waggle I think
we can go and take them she’ll never know they’re
just her s’more sticks. – Yeah, that’s a great idea. I think we should go
and take them Wiggles. Do you think you can handle it? – I think so. I’ll just have to have a distraction, and then we’ll trick the Assistant. All right, let’s put our plan into action. – Okay, I’ve got my
marshmallow on the stick, and I have my fire going. – [Mr. Engineer] Wow Assistant, that’s way cool.
– Thanks. (bright upbeat music) (loud crash) – Hey wait a minute! – What was that sound?
– What was that sound? – I don’t know, but I think
I’ll leave this right here and I’m gonna go check it out. – [Mr. Engineer] You’re
going to go out to explore, and ready to find out what that sound is.
– Right. – [Mr. Engineer] You got
your little explorers kit? What all do you have
in your explorers kit? – So my trustee water bottle – [Mr. Engineer] Is there
some water in there? – Just in case I get thirsty. – [Mr. Engineer] Is there
really water in there? – Mm-hmm.
– Oh, it is! It’s a Mickey Mouse water bottle. – Right (laughs). I don’t
want to waste my water though. – [Mr. Engineer] And you’ve
got a shovel, what else? You’ve got some binoculars in there too. – Shovel, yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] So show
me those binoculars, a little Swiss Army thingy. – So I have forks – [Mr. Engineer] A fork and spoons. – And spoons, and some scissors, just in case you need those. And– – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, then
and you also have a compass. And what’s this thing? – That looks like a — – [Mr. Engineer] It’s a flashlight! – Of course! You always
need a flashlight when you’re going exploring. You don’t know if it’s gonna go. – [Mr. Engineer] And look Assistant, it makes little Mickey Mouse eyes on it. – It’s on your shirt.
– Oh! – See it! Isn’t that cool?
– Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Hey but
you know what, you take your flashlight let’s see if
we can find that sound, okay? – Okay, I’m gonna put
on this badge, explorer. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, you
got your explorer badge. We got to figure out what that sound was. – Yes, we got to go.
Let’s go. Wait, got to– – [Mr. Engineer] Here’s your flashlight. – Oh I need that. – [Mr. Engineer] Take that
and the binoculars, okay? – Okay, let’s go. (bright upbeat music) – [Wiggles] Well she’s finally
gone, here’s the one stick. Yeah, it smells about right. And the other sticks up here. So, one stick for me, and
one stick for Waggles. That little doggy’s
gonna be happy with that. Let me get out of here. – Okay, so I’m going to
do some investigating. I’ve got my water and my backpack. – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah,
so we’ve got to find out what created that noise, right? – Right, um wait look! There’s a piece of wood back there. – [Mr. Engineer] Assistant,
we’re in the forest. Of course there’s going
to be wood out here. – Oh, well it looks kind
of interesting. Look! – What?
– That! – I bet someone threw that to distract us, we better get back to the camp. – [Mr. Engineer] You
think somebody was trying to distract us? – Yeah.
– Oh boy, let’s go. – We got to go! – Wow Wiggles, you did a
great job getting the stick. It kinda tastes a little woody, but it’s great. Oh wow, good job. – Thanks Waggles. – Okay, I’m back. Oh no! Someone took my s’more sticks! – [Mr. Engineer] No way Assistant! – Oh no, this is bad. This is really bad! – [Mr. Engineer] I guess you’ll have to use different sticks. – Yeah at least I still
have the marshmallow. Where’d my other marshmallow go? – [Mr. Engineer] (gasps) It’s missing! Let’s see, PJ Masks, Paw Patrol do you know what happened
to it, Puppy Dog Pals? Hey Assistant, at least
you still have a fun flag. Don’t you?
– Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Show me that fun flag. – ♪ Do, do, do, do, do. ♪ – [Man] Oh that’s a really cool flag. – I could do some marches to make sure nobody takes
anymore of my stuff. ♪ Hup, two, three, four, hup, ♪ ♪ two, hup, two, three, four, ♪ ♪ hup, two, three, four, hup, hup ♪ – [Mr. Engineer] Good job Assistant, that’s a great looking flag. – (laughs) Thanks. – Hey Wiggles, she’s got a flag. That looks really cool. I mean, I really enjoyed those
s’more sticks, but a flag! Just think of all the things
we could do with a flag. – I know Waggles, it
sounds like it’d be fun. A flag for both of us. – Yeah Wiggles, we need a plan. We need to go take that flag. – ♪ Hup, two, three, four,
hup, hup, two, hup, two, ♪ ♪ hup, two, hup, two, three,
four, hup, two, three, four, ♪ ♪ hup, two, three, four, hup. ♪ (loud crash)
(gasps) What was that? – [Mr. Engineer] I
heard it too, Assistant. What was that sound? – I don’t know. I better
get my adventurer bag. – You just dropped your flag, huh? – Yeah
– Let’s go, We got to go find it. – Yeah, let’s go. – [Mr. Engineer] What was that sound? – I don’t know. – [Mr. Engineer] Hmm,
off to the woods we go. – Okay
– Let’s go, Assistant. – Let’s go. – Well here’s the flag. Oh we can have a lot
of fun with this thing. It’s even got little
Mickey Mouse ears on it. That’s going to be fun. – Yeah, I really like it. Wow a flag! I wish there was two of them. One for you, one for me, one for you, one for me. – I know, Waggles but
we’ll share this one, wait. Wait, we need to get out of
here before the Assistant comes. – Yeah, we got to make
sure she doesn’t catch us. She might even know we
have their s’more sticks. – Yeah, we can’t have that. – [Mr. Engineer] So we’re back in the woods, right Assistant?
– Right. – [Mr. Engineer] So last time you lost your s’more stick? Right? – Right, I hope it doesn’t happen again. – [Mr. Engineer] Hopefully we
can find those s’more sticks. – Right, I’m going to
get some supplies out. – [Mr. Engineer] Hey wait, could we use this stick right here for a s’more? Would that work? – No, not really. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay, what
supplies are you going to use? – Okay, I have all of the supplies. Oh look, I have, I didn’t know I had that. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, you
got a little hatchet. Let’s use your binoculars and
see if you can see anything. – Okay, I’ll also use my compass. So I’ll put this around my neck. – [Mr. Engineer] That way you
can always find true north, ’cause the tip of a compass is magnetized and it points toward
the magnetic North Pole. – Yeah, we might need a flashlight too. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh,
shine that flashlight. Let’s show people at home how it works. Shine it maybe onto something,
a little closer maybe? You see how it has a
little Mickey Mouse face? – Okay, I’m think I’m
gonna put this little tool right here back in there. – [Mr. Engineer] All right, so why don’t you use your binoculars and see if you can see anything, okay? – Okay. Got my waters too. – [Mr. Engineer] All right. So let’s see. – Let’s go this way. – [Mr. Engineer] Do you see
anything from your binoculars? – I haven’t looked in them yet. Okay, let me look in my binoculars. – [Mr. Engineer] Hi Assistant! – Hi! Okay let’s go this way. – [Mr. Engineer] Do you see something? Oh you can’t walk while
looking through binoculars you might trip. – Let’s stop here and look. – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a minute,
somebody it looks like threw a big tire right there. – Yeah, I saw that through my binocular. – [Mr. Engineer] Well
Assistant, they’re trying to distract you again,
you’ve got to get back to your campsite and see what they took. – Wow, we got this flag
and it’s all for me. It’s so cool. I like the flag. Hmm, where is Wiggles? Wiggles you can’t have my flag! It’s so nice. So, we tricked the Assistant again. We got her s’more sticks and the flag. – Well I think I want to play
with the flag too waggles. – You can play with it tomorrow, right now it’s for me. – I guess so, you silly puppy. – Oh no! They took my flag! – [Mr. Engineer] Assistant, somebody took your s’more sticks and a flag. – I know that flag
represents my whole campsite. Without it, I can’t camp here. – [Mr. Engineer] So Assistant,
I think it might be time to call it a night and just go to bed, ’cause it’s getting dark out, right? – All right, I’m also getting a bit tired. – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah, look
at how dark it’s getting. – I’m going to go into my tent. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay, well I’ll show the people inside your tent. (big band music) So here’s the inside of
her Mickey Mouse tent. – I can look out too. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeah, you’ve
got a little look out here Well let me see, I can’t see. Wow look at that, you’ve got a flap. So here’s the inside of your tent. – Yeah I’m going to take this adventure– – [Mr. Engineer] Oh you need to take some of your members of Paw Patrol and PJ Maks and bring them in too, right?
– Yeah – [Mr. Engineer] So let’s grab them. – Okay, so I’ve got Catboy, and
Rubble, Chase, and Marshall, I’ll put Rolly and Bingo in next. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay. Sure
is getting dark, Assistant. – Yeah, I better hurry. – [Mr. Engineer] People
at home, who keeps taking all the Assistant stuff from her campsite? – I don’t know (sighs), and
I still haven’t had dinner, or my delicious s’mores yet. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeah, I know. You still got to find some s’more sticks. And you’ve gotta hurry, ’cause
it’s getting dark outside. – Oh yeah, good thing I’m in. Let me put up the flap and I’m good. – [Mr. Engineer] Wait, I see, hey Assistant!
– Hi! – Hey Wiggles, I’d really like to have those members of Paw Patrol. – Yeah, and I’d like
to have those PJ Masks. – And we both can play
with the Puppy Dog Pals, ’cause we like to watch that show. – Yeah, it’s so funny. That Bingo and Rolly, they’re a hoot. – Yeah, so, she had
Marshall, she had Chase, she had Rubble on the Double. – And Catboy, don’t forget about Catboy. I guess it’s time to put
our plan back into action. – Hey over here, I forgot
to take my chocolate and stuff in. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeah, it’s right here. Hey let’s see that campfire too, let’s see, watch, it’s
a pretty cool campfire. You hear it? All right so
let’s bring that stuff in. – Okay, let me–
(loud crash) Oh no!
– What’s that sound Assistant? – I think someone’s trying to distract me. – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a minute, should we spring a trap and
see if we can catch ’em? – Yeah! I have an idea. – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah, here
tell me real quick. Okay? – Okay
(whispers) – [Mr. Engineer] I like that idea. Let’s do it. We gotta go. Yeah, so let’s go, okay?
– Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] You’ve got
the traps set perfectly. – Hey Wiggles, look she
left the tent right open. There’s all the PJ Masks
and Paw Patrol characters. This is awesome! – Yeah we really scored this time waggles. Wow, look at all the stuff
the Assistant left for us. This is great, I’m gonna go right on in. Hmm, where’s Bingo and Rolly? – Yeah, they have to be in here too. I love Puppy Dog Pals. Well this is so cool, let’s party. (bright upbeat music) – Got ya!
– You found them! – Oh it’s Wiggles and Waggles! They’re the ones that were inside your campsite the whole time. Boys, if you had just asked I’m sure The Assistant would have taken you camping, right Assistant?
– Right. – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a minute, that means that they took your s’mores and your flag. – Oh you probably wanted
to be a part of the fun. – [Mr. Engineer] What
was that all about guys? Did you just want to be a part of the fun? – They probably just did. – [Mr. Engineer] People, do
you take your puppies camping? – Hmmm–
Good boy – [Mr. Engineer] I don’t know – Good boy. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay, so they were trying to get your Paw Patrol and PJ Masks guys, right?
– Right. – [Mr. Engineer] Hmm, well let’s see– – My plan worked perfectly. – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s see if we can find your flag and your s’more sticks and get back to camping, okay?
– Okay. – Found them! – [Mr. Engineer] Assistant,
you got your flag and your s’more sticks back. Right?
– Right. – [Mr. Engineer] And
it looks like you might have brought some treats
for Wiggles and Waggles. Oh, they’re very interested
in those s’mores. So what is your favorite part of campsite, Assistant, was it the tent?
– Yes – [Mr. Engineer] The Doggies?
The s’mores? The campfire? What was it? – I actually liked, let me get it. – [Mr. Engineer] You have the tent. – The adventure pack! – [Mr. Engineer] And the adventure pack. Right?
– Right. – [Mr. Engineer] People at home, What was your favorite, just go ahead and say it to the computer. – We’ll hear ya. – [Mr. Engineer] Also, if you want you could also follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and send us messages there. Only if you have your
parents permission though, right?
– Only. – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah,
’cause you can’t talk to strangers online without
your parents knowing about it. Oh, it looks like
Wiggles is getting tired. Assistant, it’s time to go to bed. Right?
– Right. – [Mr. Engineer] All right everyone, have a great day!
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