Pear Forced to Play – BALDI’S BASICS Camping!
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Pear Forced to Play – BALDI’S BASICS Camping!

(Techno music)
(Annoying Orange laughing) – [Pear] Hey! What is up guys? It is Pear, the most
extreme gramer of all, Gramer? I can’t even talk. Warning, this is still a horror game. Of course it is! If you’re gonna force me to play a game, either it’s gonna be a
baby game or a horror game. The worst thing would
be a baby horror game. I just, I don’t know what
I would do with myself. So, apparently, this is the next Baldi’s Basics game, or something. The field trip to keep the
fire going for three minutes. Okay, don’t let it go out. Pick up the firewood, drop the firewood. Oh boy. Pick up the firewood, drop the firewood, shift spring, spacebar look behind you, hold Escape quit the game. Can I just quit the game now? Oh, there’s a kickstarter, wow, okay. Looks just like the other Baldi’s Basics. Wait, what is this? What is… – Let’s go camping. – [Pear] Nope, nope,
definitely not doing that! I’m doing anything but
going camping with you. Alright, what? The demo ends here. Okay, I can’t go this way. You guys force me to play
these games, I swear. The demo ends here. So I have to go out there. Do I really have to though? Because I really don’t want to go.. Hey! Whoa, no seriously, that’s it? Stop, there’s nothing else. Well, I gotta go now. You’ll regret this? I’m sure, I’m sure I will, but I have to, I can’t stop, right? Wow, they’re when you go past them, okay. – No breaking the fourth
wall in the halls. – [Pear] Okay, this game
is so weird, so weird. Alright, so I have to go outside. Nice, never not, but whatever. Alright. – Let’s go camping. – [Pear] Let’s go camping. – Let’s go… Let’s go… Let’s go… Let’s go camping. – [Pear] Wait, hold on a second. Did you steal somebody’s bus
and just write your name on it? You did, this was Joe’s bus and now, you didn’t even write your name right. You called yourself Bald’s butt, or Bald’s bus. – I’ll go set up the bear traps. – [Pear] Bear traps huh? – While you keep the fire going. – [Pear] Of course this
game has bear traps in it. – Go out to the woods to collect firewood, then bring it back to refuel the fire. – [Pear] The fire. – The bigger the fire is,
the more points you’ll earn. – [Pear] Okay. – Alright, go for it. – [Pear] Alright, go for it. So, I have to go get wood. Which is where? Do I have to, oh, okay. I thought maybe I had to knock
down a tree or something. What, I don’t walk… Oh, you gotta click it, okay. I was gonna be out here
just hacking trees down. It’d take forever, alright? I’ve found two sticks, that’s not going to be great for a fire,
I’m gonna have to say. (Metal clank) What the, what? I can’t move, what? Ahhh, there’s a bear trap down here. Seriously, I have to watch out
for bear traps on top of it? Oh, I can run, okay. Oh, shoot. Shoot! The, oh no, the fire went out! Nooooo!
(Electronic buzz) I hate you Baldi, I hate you so much. Why do you guys like this game? Why do you guys like, like things that chase you and hit you,
and hurt you and kill you? Oh wait, it’s not that
you like those things, you like to watch me play those things. Haha! That’s what it is. (Grunts) I will not donate to your
kickstarter, never ever. At least I saw him coming that time. – Let’s go camping. – [Pear] Let’s not. I’m gonna go out and say this
bus does not look street safe. Like, I don’t feel like we should be driving this bus. (Baldi speaks in the background) Alright, I’m just gonna
go start collecting wood, because what you have
to say is not important. Mr. “I’m just gonna steal a janky bus and “write my name on the side of it and “not even spell my name correctly” You spelled your name Bald’s, Bald’s bus. I suppose either one is ridiculous, like Bald’s, Baldi. Eh, it’s all going to be
the same thing anyway. Alright, I better get
back, I have five sticks. Five, six, pick up sticks. Uh oh, um, it sounds like everything’s slowing down a little bit. And we’re talking slower. Shoot, that probably means the
fire’s going out, isn’t it? Alright, come on, I’m almost there. No, no, no, no, no! (Clicking)
Okay, I dropped the sticks. Run back!
(Electronic buzz) (Pear laughs) No, no, I was mashing the buttons, I was trying to drop the
sticks so I could run faster, because it said if you drop
the sticks you can run faster. Didn’t matter, didn’t matter. – Let’s go camping. – [Pear] Cram it, cram it
in your janky bus, okay? (Baldi talks in the background) You wanna give me more than, I don’t know, 10 seconds to go collect sticks? Where are they, I don’t
see any sticks this time. There’s one, thanks. – [Baldi] …the fire. – [Pear] The fire. I betcha, if I practiced enough, I could get that… – [Baldi] Wow! – [Pear] Wow, thank you. I didn’t need my nonexistent ears anyways. I know that statement made no sense, but you get what I’m saying. I’m trying to say, like, you
don’t have to be so loud. That’s all I was trying to say. Alright, we got four sticks,
yes, now we’re talking. I am going to get back there quick enough. Come on, come on, step
it up, do it, do it. – [Baldi] Wow! – [Pear] Wow! Alright, I feel like I’m
doing better this time. This is good, this is golden. Okay, just gotta watch out for
the bear traps, apparently, ’cause that’s a thing, I don’t know why. Bear traps ever game that I play. Every scary game has bear traps in it. Granny, Hello Neighbor, this game. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bear trap in real life. Like, how did that become… What in the crap is that, what is that? Okay, it just disappeared. You guys saw that, right? There was… I don’t even know what that was. Was it a flying chicken head or something? I don’t (nervously laughs). This game makes no sense. I guess neither did the other one, really. I guess maybe that’s
what makes it endearing. What the… Wait, there’s something
behind this tree, I can see… What the, there’s
someone behind that tree. I think it’s the bully, the
bully from the first game. I can see he’s moving around the tree. You are purposefully, I can see you dude. I can see you! What are you doing back there? That is so weird. I guess I’m just gonna
go because I thought maybe he was gonna try and
take something from me but, thank goodness he didn’t. But now I spent all that
time circling the tree, and I can’t find any sticks, and I still have 60 seconds to go. This is not good. If I just would’ve ignored
the guy (stammering). Why did I do this? Why did I do this? Why do I put myself in the situation? (Button clicking) No, no, no, no! Come on, go faster! Flipping, no! Come on, come on, come on, come on. Come on, go faster! (Electronic buzzing) I hate this, I hate it! Force me to play games all the time! – Let’s go camping. – [Pear] Stop eating your socks! (Baldi talking in the background) Yeah, not listening to you. Just gonna go right past you,
collect this awesome stick. Yeah, how do you like that action? Five sticks, I got five
sticks right off the bat. Bam! Ooooooo. Oooooo. Yeah, you like that, don’t ya? You want more of that, yeah, that’s right. Alright, I need more sticks, gimme sticks. Nice, I’ve got a half run bar. I’ve got my strategy now. What I’m gonna do is I’m collect sticks, then I’m going to run back to the fire and then stand there, wait
for my run power to recharge, then slap the sticks on
there once it’s recharged, ’cause then I could run back out. I’m doing this. That’s gonna be my strategy. Alright, just wait… What, what, what? What!
– [Bully] I want those sticks. You stole my sticks! You’ve gotta be flipping (stammering). Oh my gosh! Nutter butters, mmmm, nutter butters. Sweet and salty gym socks! Flippity do dah day. Yeah, there’s no way I’m
getting back there now, ’cause I already used all my run power. So now I’m stuck. Welp, here he comes, here he comes. Gonna slap me in the, with a (stammering). Yeah, oh, nope, nope, nope. Brace for impact, here it comes. (Electronic buzzing) Whew, whew. We’re having fun, it’s good
times, good times, yeah. – Let’s go camping. – [Pear] Go ride a ferris wheel! What, yeah!
(Baldi talking) That’s definitely not an insult, I don’t know why I said that. I’m just saying things right now because I’m a little frustrated, okay? Hey, maybe next time
someone’s ticking you off, use that one, see what they say. I think that might actually surprise them so much they won’t even be offended. Like, they insult you and you’re like, “Yeah, well, go ride a ferris wheel.” And then they’ll be like, “What?” Or they’ll be like, “Wow!” Thanks, I know you’re so impressed by my talented skills of collecting sticks and avoiding bear traps that you set for, you say you set them for bears, but I think you set them for pears. Ha ha, oh ho, you like them, don’t ‘ya? Yeah, Orange isn’t the
only one with jokes, I got jokes,I got jokes for days. You wanna hear another joke Baldi? Your face, yeah. – [Baldi] Wow – [Pear] Wow, cool, yeah,
awesome, you’re amazing. I collected sticks. We’re giving out participation
awards, apparently, in this game. You’re incredible, you picked up a stick. Fantastic, thanks, I appreciate that. Could you not keep hitting me with rulers? By the way, why did you
bring a ruler out here? We’re camping, we’re not measuring how big the logs are, or the sticks are. That is the worst, what is that? Okay, there was that giant mouse head, or whatever the.. What is even going on,
what does that even do? At first I thought, maybe, he was blowing out the fire faster or something, but I don’t think that’s what
he’s doing, I don’t know. Maybe you guys know, could you tell me? Tell me baby, I wanna know. Okay, almost 60 seconds
left, I got two sticks. Wait for just a second, just
to go down a little bit more. And then, wait, what, no, (stammering). (Pear laughing) Who steals sticks, who? What bully is sitting out in the forest hoping to steal sticks from people? That’s not a thing, that’s
not a thing that happens. (Pear stammering) Okay, I know he’s going
to come at me, okay. I can see there’s a
bear trap on the ground. Maybe, if I can make him
step on the bear trap, then he gets stuck. I’ll get, just walk…
(Electronic buzzing) Oh, come on, you walked right over it. You’re invincible huh, thanks. Alright, I’m done. Don’t make me play any of this game, any of these games. (Electronic music)


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