Pencilmate’s Fabulous New Hair!
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Pencilmate’s Fabulous New Hair!

And another day Gentlemen, we have a serious problem as you can see from this graph. The arrow is pointing down But Sir the error from yesterday’s graph was pointing up I don’t care about yesterday’s graph I care about this graph Yes Johnson it’s not pointing down the whole time. Yeah, see it goes up a little bit right there Don’t you idiots know the first thing about graphs when a graph goes down? Even if it goes up a little bit if it goes down a lot more after that Which way is this rocket going Yeah, and which way is this hot-air balloon going up Now which way is this graph going So that’s how it’s gonna be May I ask who’s responsible for the creation of this graph I am sir Everyone knows I hate graphs that go down. So tell me are you trying to ruin my day? My face are you plotting a conspiracy? It’s just a quarterly budget model Just a quarterly budget Do you know what happens if this arrow touches this line? Yes Johnson someone’s here to see you is there Who are you I am a consultant Now tell me what seems to be the problem well, it’s this graph it’s It’s pointing down Mm-hmm. Yes. It appears. This graph is pointing down in theory what you see my good sir It’s all a matter of perspective You are a genius Johnson get this man the rest of our graphs. Yes, sir. I need a cup of coffee Okay, boys, what’s next uh numbers sir, ah, yes, let me see Now that’s what I call a big number Oh Hello and thanks for watching pencil nation if you enjoyed this episode Why not subscribe and while you’re here you might as well keep watching We’ve got loads of Pennsylvania pursuits ready for you right here right now So come on take your pick the choice is yours


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