Perfect Blossom Picnic – Blossom Grille
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Perfect Blossom Picnic – Blossom Grille

Hi, I’m Andrea Siebert, here with the
Blossom Grille. Now whenever you come to Blossom Music Center, to the middle of
a beautiful national park, to listen to the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra,
what better way to do so than with Blossom’s Perfect Picnic. Here at Blossom
Grille, they allow you to purchase a customizable picnic basket. Here are just
a few options of what you can get in those baskets. Including a fresh fruit
tray, a matzo pesto sandwich, watermelon feta salad with a Fuji apple dressing,
homemade kettle chips, big cookies, and of course you can sit on the lawn with all
of these, with an Our Gang red wine, sit and enjoy the wonderful music played by
The Cleveland Orchestra.

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