Peter Really Doesn’t Want To Go Camping With Quagmire | Season 17 Ep. 15 | FAMILY GUY

– Hey, Dad. I just checked the weather,
and it looks like sunny skies all weekend. You guys have big plans? Yeah. We’re going camping. Hey, you and Meg should
come with us, Peter. We’ll make it a father-daughter
bonding weekend. Oh, that’s a great idea. Yeah. Let’s go, Dad. You know who you should
take instead of me? Stewie, or– or Chris, or Brian. Maybe Lois. Or Seamus is fun. Carter Pewterschmidt, Babs
Pewterschmidt, Bonnie, Jo, their son Kevin, Cleveland,
Jerome, Bruce, Opie, Carl, the phony guy, the ostrich,
Al Harrington, Billy Finn, John Travolta from
one of our cutaways, all of our characters as
“Star Wars” characters, everybody from “The
Cleveland Show,” Sherri Chivapravadumrong. That’s how that
name is pronounced. The Orville– the
ship, not the cast. Me. Ah, damn it! OK, fine. I’ll go. Thank you. Cool. I heard my name too. I’m in. No? I’ll drive, buy snacks? No? OK. Everyone else is out here too. [music playing] Oh, my god. It’s literally everyone. That can only mean show ghosts. [music playing]

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