Peyton Manning: Vacation Quarterback | Super Bowl Spot
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Peyton Manning: Vacation Quarterback | Super Bowl Spot

This is your moment You are more than a team You’re a family Now let’s get out there and play Hey! Wait for me! I’m going to need all of you push your vacation and go 110 percent But that’s mathematically impossible With an attitude like that it sure is You know I really wanted to play Quidditch But, we’re kind of a football family Interception! Cheap shot I don’t deserve that All hail Megatron! Didn’t you play for Detroit? The sight of you sickens me Akaio It’s Accio Acceo Accio I got it Achio No? Fear is never an option Oh yeah it is! Let’s see your game face Ever wonder how it feels to get the cooler dumped on you after the game Like that? No? Son of a Is everyone ready? Omaha! The off season is on So take your vacation game to the next level Universal Park and Resorts Uh, you’re uncoachable


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