Picnic at the Capitol 2019 – Sac City USD

(inspirational music) – Welcome to the 2019
Picnic at the Capitol! With the goal of feeding one million meals to children in the Sacramento
area during the summer. (inspirational music) We want to make sure that we’re not just a
farm to fork capitol, but we’re the farm to every fork capitol, that every kid gets an
opportunity for a healthy meal, and we know that only
11 percent of our kids in the summertime, actually
have a healthy meal, and today’s the kickoff
here at the state capitol. (inspirational music) – So this is really a call to action for all of the adults, and for all of us to really think about the summer meals program as a proven strategy to help kids get the nutrition that they need to grow, learn, and thrive. – We have summer meal programs
throughout the county. Some are at parks, some
are at school sites, so that any child under
18 can get a free meal during the summer, and make sure they’re still getting fed healthy food every day. – We know that we can’t
do this work alone, and it’s important for us
to invite as many partners who care about this
issue to sit down with us and come up with solutions, and then take those solutions
out into the community. So we’re really, really
proud of the collaborative. They helped us get to this place where we’re gonna try
to serve a million meals to kids this summer. (inspirational music) – We’re very fortunate in Sacramento, that we have so many
non profits and partners that have banded together
and said you know, we’re not going to allow
our students to be hungry, so we’re committed to making sure that we’re providing nutritious meals during the summer months as well, and we just thank all of the partners that have banded together to support our students in Sacramento. (inspirational music) – The simplest thing to
do is to text 877-877 food and find out where your
closest program is.

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