Picnic at the Stockmann window
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Picnic at the Stockmann window

We’re going on a picnic! This is A Kind of Adventurous Life! What we’ll do on the picnic?
– We play with this elephant. Sound really good idea! Hey! That looks like a good place for a picnic! Hi! My name is Kirikou, and we’re having a picnic here at the Stockmann’s window! Yoghurts are for dessert. I’ll give you the food. These greens are for you. These blacks are for me. And what are those? These balls. Balls? You can eat them. We have grapes! We have grapes! We have grapes! And then a cookie! A cookie! Soap bubbles! Let’s jump to the sea! It’s dumb!
– What is dumb? This video play. We’re at the Stockmann window. Chocolate. This was a fun picnic.
– Can you say it in English? No. Do you remember the end speech? My name is Nanook! It works in the end too!
– Yes it does. My name is Nanook. My name is Nanook. Thank you for watching! You can also see us in Tubecon at 16-17 August, here in Helsinki!


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