Picnic Day: Fashion’s Own Parade at UC Davis
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Picnic Day: Fashion’s Own Parade at UC Davis

The UC Davis Fashion Show has been a long
time UC Davis tradition. The show is always sold out with students and alumni anxious
to see the unique pieces. Students have been working diligently since Winter Quarter to
showcase their designs on the run way. My collection is definitely inspired by Korean
Pop Culture, or K-Pop. My goal, in the fashion industry, is to expand the boundaries of men’s
wear. I guess my favorite part of making my outfits is when I see the completion, when
I see it actually fit the model, when I see it come alive. The Picnic Day Fashion Show
if their time to show UC Davis not only how creative our students can be but how important
the design program is in preparing students for their future endeavors. If you are in
the design major and you are into fashion, this like the right of passage or your graduation

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