PICNIC EN EL GARRAF a film by Libre Albedrío
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PICNIC EN EL GARRAF a film by Libre Albedrío

“The Zone simply is the Zone” Wine ! A writer and a scientist two strangers out for adventure who want to enter the zone You’ll take us? We need to go there We have to go there! It’s dangerous and unpredictable The Zone isn’t for everyone We’re aware of the risks I’m a writer I’m always looking for adventure Did you bring the things? Yes, we’ve got them What nonsense! Why do you go round kicking everything? If you want to understand things, you have to touch them Why bother, they’re only crappy things All scientists are sceptics Science is a lie, it’ll destroy us all Science isn’t the problem the problem’s the scientists You’ve heard of the PLACE, haven’t you? Yeah, the place where desires and wishes are fulfilled The heart of the Zone where the visitors had their picnic So, do you have a wish? What is it? I want everyone to be happy Now it’s only a few who still are coming In the last years they have taken almost everything At least all the things they could touch and see Which is only a small part of all there is It’s hard for them to accept what they can’t see That’s why there are accidents The first ones stepped in like horrified children with eyes closed and mouths open gambling their lives on a dangerous playground Lured by the unknown they met with their own limitations Searching for answers they stumbled on the splinters of their dreams of unlimited power I know why you’re here Oh, yes? You want to start again… and put right all the things you’ve messed up in your miserable live I’m human, we all make mistakes I want to change things Can’t you live with your mistakes? ‘Free Will’ what does that mean to you? The right to drop bombs and work for multi-nationals? The freedom to be poor and ignorant? ‘Free Will’, that’s just chaos in disguise You know what? Artists, writers, poets painters, musicians They’re all clowns, fakes charlatans and pathetic losers And you’re a coward You haven’t won any prizes nobody reads your books and now look at you bitterness, pride and envy There’s nothing you don’t know, is there? You waste your time,
criticising others for your own faults Yet another wise guy What are you doing? Are you mad? The zone is dangerous,
you have to show respect Stop this nonsense Stop giving orders We could die at any moment, so what We’re all strangers here Nothing makes any sense Listen to him, he knows what he’s about With terror and disbelief
they watched their comrades die Employing imagination where their senses failed Escaping their own death only by coincidence… and a basic instinct of survival Later the machines arrived When these failed the losses were costly but less painful It seemed easier
to advance technology than awareness Two extraterrestrials came to earth had a picnic and left They changed everything forever It was a miracle of unimaginable proportions – and what did we do? Because the Zone was an impenetrable paradox… they put up fences, placed guards and forgot about it forever And how do you explain
THE PLACE, it exists doesn’t it? THE PLACE has destroyed many It can be cruel, deadly But sometimes, with the really hopeless cases… it gives them what they are looking for Now it’s mainly the clueless who come Joyless and empty souls that only care about themselves They are searching the heat
because their hearts are cold They are searching themselves
because they’ve never known love They never dare to enter the PLACE That’s how much they fear their own desires But the PLACE will be there As long as there are humans it will continue to exist. Are you ready ? What do we have to do ? Believe Difficult ! Ivan’s Childhood let me astray Andrei Rubljov showed me the way Mirror, Mirror, Mirror Once we are there A vision of how we are A vision of why we are Tarkovski, what a guy Tarkovsi wasn’t camera shy Tarkovski, time flew by Once we are there Solaris took us into inner space Stalker explained the human race Sculpturing in time Once we are there A vision of where we are A vision of why we are Tarkovski, what a guy Tarkovsi wasn’t camera shy Tarkovski, time flew by Once we are there

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