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Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen todays video is all about picnic food I have two fantastic ideas for you here and
also I have written an article on the homemade website, the link is down below for 8 amazing
ideas for your picnic but today we have some baby cheesy hasselback potatoes and some mini
lemon meringue pies I hope you will agree they are looking amazing my kids absolutely
love them, so so good, if you want to have a go at making these hit pause on the video
now, write down the ingredients, that is both the ingredients there if you want to divide
that up for the lemon meringue pies and the potatoes, this is how you do it, so good!
So lets start off with the potatoes, this does work with big potatoes too but your cooking
time may be longer. Grab some mini potatoes that have been washed, cut them so they are
nearly all the way down so still holding together and work your way all along it, kind of looks
a little like an armadillo I may have the wrong animal there, but you get the idea,
as we cut it down it gets a little wet some of the starch releases so do give it a dry.
Keep going until you have worked through all the potatoes and they are looking all slithered
and stuff, official word, slithered and stuff. Dunk the potatoes in some olive oil making
sure you get it all coated and into the grooves too, you could also use melted butter if you
wish, make sure all the potatoes are fully covered and then give it a nice seasoning
with some fresh ground black pepper. We then whack it in the oven, sitting it straight
on a tray and baking it for a full 25 minutes until they are looking gorgeous and golden
brown and as they are like that they are pretty darn tasty.
This is the bit where you can let your creativity run wild in terms of the potatoes, as you
can see they have opened up a bit and I am stuffing cheese into mine so that is some
cheddar cheese into all those gaps that actually helps keep them open too but you could put
different herbs and flavourings and even meats in there if you wanted to all you do once
it is ready is whack it back in the oven to warm it through, so I just melted the cheese
slightly and that is it all done, so what you can do is eat them right away, nice and
warm or in a sealed container keeping it in the fridge until ready for your picnic and
with a dollop of sour cream on top they go down really well with my girls.
That is the savoury done lets talk about jars now and making some lemon meringue pies in
these, they are absolutely amazing, the first thing you want to do is grab yourself a mixing
bowl and whizz up some biscuit crumbs, with a little bit of sugar and some melted butter,
mix that through and that will be your biscuit base for these pies, all we want to do is
spoon it into the bottom layer, around about a fifth of the way up pressing it down, so
you have your biscuit base sat in the bottom of those jars. Next up grab a separate bowl
and combine together the egg yolks with the condensed milk, we will use the egg whites
in just a moment and then add in the lemon zest and the juice, then mix that together
quite lightly with a balloon whisk nothing crazy just quite mild get it all nice and
combined so it is uniform colour and then add that on top of your biscuit base it is
starting to come together, now grab one more mixing bowl whip up the egg whites with the
cream of tartar which helps to stiffen the whites, it will really make a difference,
at the end as you will see, get that nice and big and stiff and foamy, get it all nice
then gradually keep whisking through adding the sugar as you go.
Kind of like 3 batches, like a tablespoon at a time, until nice and glossy and ready
to go. All you do then is spoon that on top of your jars you can actually if not packing
it for a picnic go proper crazy spikes, the cream of tartar will help with that but just
like little diddy ones get that all on there with your spoon and you just want to shove
the jars on a baking tray in the oven for ten minutes to brown off the tops and I hope
you agree once they are done they are looking absolutely gorgeous, be careful they will
be quite hot, but then all you need to do is seal them in the fridge, keep them cool
until ready to gobble them, take them to your picnic and let your kids gobble them, they
are absolutely loving it, so good. And that is it then guys two amazing ideas for your
picnic, check out the article I have put the link down below on the homemade website for
even more ideas for you to try on your picnic that make it amazing, here is my last video
too so click if you have not seen already, take care and I will see you next time.


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