Picnic Ft. Kumud Mishra, Smita Tambe, Adarsh Gourav | Being Indian
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Picnic Ft. Kumud Mishra, Smita Tambe, Adarsh Gourav | Being Indian

Parathas are done, I’ll switch of the gas, Dhruv Pass me the lid of the casserole Dhruv Yes? Pass me the lid of the casserole. Why don’t you listen at once? Catch Do you think I’m Dhoni? Grandmother would have caught it She is a better catcher than you Listen, call up your uncle Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, Kumar Sanu, who else is there? Dhruv One second I’m just downloading the playlist Listen Dhruv, Bob Dylan, Mobsin Morrison Ed Sheeran and Michael Jackson
and which is that ‘Despo’ song? It’s not ‘despo’ Despacito Download that song also When did she started listening to such songs? Your grandmother thinks she
belongs to the Mtv generation. She will leave you behind. Quickly call up your uncle and ask him where is he He isn’t picking up His phone must be on silent Why are you so late? Why did you guys call me up so many times? What is this? Keep it in the bag and keep
it straight because if it spills Then we’ll have to go sit ups You were supposed to come at 7:30 right? You are always late I stopped to take puffed
rice for mom Puffed rice! Now she’ll keep eating them on the way and then she’ll tell me “Nandini my stomach hurts a lot. I have gas in my stomach give me ‘Eno’. Did we keep the Eno bottle? Now this is getting over the top Dhruv go and keep Eno. Go. Come on let’s start Your grandmother’s sunglasses? *keeps the sunglasses on the table* Dhruv where is your grandmother’s Vicco cream? Tell me proper where is it? Its kept at back
You don’t listen properly Why are you hitting me? And warm socks
Warm socks? Why do you want to keep the warm socks? Your grandmother will feel cold in the A/C We are going on a picnic. Should we take the whole house with us? We are getting late. Should we go? Let’s go fast Wait for 2 mins, let me check Virat’s score. I’ll have to tell mom
Don’t blame it on mom and by the way mom liked Gavaskar *mimics a shot* Elite Dhruv go and keep all this What? Dhruv
Why do I have to do all the work? Because you are the youngest now go keep this. Keep all the stuff properly Mom’s idea of picnic is amazing. Isn’t it? It don’t like it without mom No one will What? We promised right? That we won’t do all this Behind my grandmother, you guys are doing all this Grandmother was so strong so
even we should be strong right? Who gave this idea for a picnic? Your grandmother So she’ll stay with us right? Come on let’s go or else we’ll get late
Listen I haven’t forgotten anything right? You’ll get us late again
Let’s go. See you forgot to take the sunglasses. I always
have to remember all the things


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