Picnic In Paris
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Picnic In Paris

So today we are having a nice little picnic
in the outskirts of Paris. We just felt like we needed to get out of the city for a bit.
So we went to a grocery store we picked up a few snacks and now we’re in the bois de
boulogne and we’re going to be having a nice little picnic outside and it is a great day
for it. So I’m excited to dig in to all of this food. Oh là là. Oui! So we’ve been eating a lot in our hotel and
also at cafes. So we thought let’s go out to the park and have a little feast. So I’m
going to show you exactly what we got. We’ve got two bottles of little wine. They’re
both really cheap. We’ve got Couscous. We’ve got humus. Baguette. Croissant. Ah! Of course.
Croissant. Chocolate. Enough Macarons to last us for a week. Plenty of Swiss cheese. Prosciutto.
And smoked trout. So what might you be drinking today? I’ve
got Cabernet Sauvignon. And I’ve really been enjoying this since coming to Paris. This
particular bottle of wine. And it is just for personal consumption. It is only 250 mL.
I’ve been picking it up for like a Euro forty, a Euro fifty at grocery stores, so I’ve been
having one per day. It is my guilty little indulgence. And a picnic would not be complete without
a little sweet treat. Show us that chocolate. I went to get some chocolat. Ooh la la. Delicious milk chocolate. Chocolat Au Lait. Now that was quite the feast. Now it is time
for us to burn off the calories by walking around the park. We’re on a boat. On a lake. In the bois de
boulogne. And Sam is going to row me around for a whole hour. Yeah! Hmmmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmm.


  • sailorecume

    I'm kinda sad i mean you did a picnic in france you should have picked some french snack to make it. Except taboulet and croissant nothing was typically french. Next time try some french cheese butter and french ham ^^

  • Russ Cattell

    Le pique-nique can be as simple as bread, cheese & wine, to the best when many friends get together & bring different foods & drinks, then everyone shares !

  • Navy Retired

    We just love your travel videos. My wife and I are going to The City of Lights next May 2020. already got our tickets. $327RT from the SW USA! What a steel of a price. Now we are trying to learn a big of French.

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