Picnic Recipes : How to Bag Cookies for a Picnic
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Picnic Recipes : How to Bag Cookies for a Picnic

Our cookies have cooled out of the oven. I
lifted them off with a spatula. They’re no longer hot. And so now it’s time to package
them up for the picnic and I thought it would be nice if everybody had their own individual
little package of cookies and whatever they don’t eat they can take home with them afterwards.
But because there is some butter in the cookies I don’t want it to stain the bag when I package
it up so I’m just using some parchment paper. And I’m going to fold. And also so they don’t
stick because they have a tendency to stick to one another. Just making almost like an
accordion pattern so that not only they don’t stain the bottom of the bag but they don’t
stick to each other. Taking a regular old sandwich bag. And our little stack of cookies
drops neatly into the bag. Now because it’s a little tall I’m going to make it a little
but more manageable. Cut the top off. Doesn’t need to be perfectly equal. Let’s see how
I’m doing height wise. I want to get it even or as even as possible. Then again it is a
picnic so I’m probably making more of a fuss than I really need to. But the fuss is half
the fun. Okay so, that one’s a little bit angled but that’s fine. And you could use
a hole punch if you like. Or, I’m just using a pen to, get a sharp ball point, and you’ll
sort of just have to ease it every so gently through the paper in approximately the center.
Because I’m going to thread this pretty raffia. Be careful because you don’t want to go too
far through. And if you even need the help of the scissors to get it part way through
that’s fine. I’ve got some raffia. Snip it about there. And thread it through. Again
if your hole isn’t quite big enough you can go back with your scissors. I think I’ve almost
got it here. You’re pretty much just sewing the top of your package shut. I’m going to
turn this towards me so I can tie a very simple little bow. And they had all kinds of colored
raffia, too, at the craft store. I just decided I wanted to do red because I found a really
cute little red tea towel. So that I’m going to use. And I mean if it’s not perfect bow
that’s fine. You just want little rustic little packages for each person. So now let’s package
up the salad.


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