Picnic Recipes : How to Pack Salads for a Picnic
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Picnic Recipes : How to Pack Salads for a Picnic

Now, if you don’t have, I, personally my Tupperware
is rather unsightly, it’s all stained by either tomato sauce or curry or something, so I,
and plus I just want to be able to just sort of toss these out after the picnic and not
have to worry about dragging them back home and doing the dishes. So, I just asked at
supermarket if I can maybe take them from the salad bar, they said “sure, no problem.”
So that’s a packaging idea. One rogue chickpea, garbanzo bean there. That’s one salad; Couscous
salad and corn salad into the other. Mm, I can smell how the vinaigrette, the time that
it’s taken to make the cookies and everything, have made the, I can tell the flavors just
get a little more intense. Package those, snap them, make sure they’re really tight.
You don’t want them going all over your basket. That’s ready and as is this one. Now the last
thing I want to do, is I just wanted to make packages for the utensils. So you can see
I’ve taken just a fork, folded it down. Such take the raffia, okay, I’ve cut the raffia
and then just affix the napkin and the fork together so it matches. Those are done, I’m
going to go grab the basket.

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