Picnic Recipes : Picnic Food Ideas

Hi, I am Marieve Herington with Expert Village
and today?s party is actually not a dinner party that we are having here. We are going
to take it off site because today, I am planning a picnic lunch, that we will pack up and take
to some beautiful location to enjoy there. So, I am going to start by grilling up some
vegetables. Zucchini, egg plant, some really nice creamy mushrooms for the grilled vegetable
sandwiches. And to go on the bread, I am going to make a homemade Tapenade and olive spread,
which is very flavorful. And to go on the side, I am going to do a fresh corn salad,
as well as a very refreshing couscous salad. And then, to finish off the lunch, really,
really good chocolate chip cookies. They are not your average chocolate chip cookies because
they got three kinds of chocolate chips, white, dark and milk. So let?s get started.

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