Picnic Table Ketchup and Mustard Holder part 1

A picnic table, ketchup, salt & pepper and mustard holder. (music) (music) (music) (music) my brother in law commissioned me to make him a picnic table, ketchup, salt & pepper and mustard holder. So I’m gonna do it. I looked around at a few places… saw a couple videos and stuff where they did uhhh…. I basically took what Jay Bates… His video is where ever I put it here. I basically did that and added enough room to put the salt & pepper shakers… and a couple other little nuances to it of my own little design. so let’s get at it. Gonna get a rough length of what I think I need. You always need to keep a marker with ya. Really no point in being completely accurate at this time. Because the board aint square! This is just my rough-cut. Gettin my board square. Perfect! okay my brother in law is a motorcycle mechanic so he gonna be wanting some screws. So we gonna kinda mark so I can Judge where to put these screws at. This is really just a guide so I don’t…. uhh… A pilot hole so I don’t split the uhh… split the wood. Splitting the wood would not be nice. It just would not make me happy. (music) (music) (music) Put my spacer there. Gonna take me some measurements to make sure I’m about the same length. (music) (music) (music) Ok, so I sorta set this up and got a rough idea of how much room I need for the bottles. To cut the holes there. And then… put me a mark right up under there. Get these off of here before I bust them. Then I measure that mark. which is two and three eights. It may be
different for the one you’re building. It all depends on how you’re building it. And I flip it over… Grab my pencil… make a light mark over here….. That was 2 and 3/8 wasn’t it? Yeah. Do the same over here. Make a light mark. Just so… I got an idea where them bottles are gonna be. then I can then I can set my bottles up here and lay it out And center it and everything and be able to have a layout to cut the holes out that these are going to sit in. That’s the plan thus far anyway

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