Pilar Beach Excursion Review – Cuba Vacation 2019🏝 Sol Cayo Guillermo Episode 4
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Pilar Beach Excursion Review – Cuba Vacation 2019🏝 Sol Cayo Guillermo Episode 4

Hi YouTube friends! It’s Lola from Lola’s Life Lessons. So as you guys know, I’m on vacation in Cuba. I’m at Pilar Beach! If you’re new to my channel, hit the subscribe button and click that notification bell for future videos. I am at one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba. This is the Pilar Beach. The sand is really soft to the feet. The water is crystal clear. I’ll show you guys. Oh, it’s so beautiful the water The water is actually quite warm. I’m here with a group. I want to give you guys some tips if you are ever going to be coming to this pillar of beach. Actually when we got on the bus, this is our excursion from our hotel there was probably 30 other people on the bus. And it was pretty much a free for all for the beach chairs. The beach chairs behind me. So it was a free-for-all for these beach chairs, so I came with a group of 16 and sadly we’re all split up in our group. So if you’re coming here. As soon as you get off the off the bus just grab your chairs… if you’re with a group if you want to sit together. Otherwise you’re gonna be separated. Also, there isn’t a lot of shade sadly. Here are the lounge chairs I was referring to. No!!!! No? No! Now I want you guys oh By the way, this is a public beach. So it’s not just people that are staying at the hotels can stay here. Everyone can come here. Hey guys, so it’s the end of the day for me as you saw I was at the Pilar Beach. It is not an excursion that I recommend. I wouldn’t say that had the greatest time on the beach myself. You saw that I had drinks on the beach. Actually, our excursion came with one drink ticket. It also came with lounge chairs but I wasn’t really happy with our lounge chairs and the group that I went with we didn’t all get to be sit together and I wish that there was a way that we could have reserved some chairs together. But I did see that there were beds that we could have reserved but I wasn’t really happy with the condition of the beds. So I’m kind of happy that we didn’t do that… What else? I saw chips for $16. Things here are very very expensive. Sixteen dollars for a bag of chips. That is insane! My husband didn’t come with my daughter and me on the excursion, so he wasn’t feeling very well. So we brought him back some food from the restaurant that we went to and the restaurant food was absolutely amazing. I loved the food. You saw that I had some lobster and I had some shrimp and I don’t know what the meat was didn’t really eat the meat I had the I think it was cabbage and zucchini and I did eat the rice because I was starving. What did I have to drink? I had some Fanta to drink. So, yeah, so that’s about it. I would definitely recommend the restaurant that we went to but I would not recommend the the beach that we went to. I found that the beach itself was not really what I was expecting. I meant I wouldn’t say. Let me rephrase that. I would say that I that I did like the beach itself. Beach was beautiful… beautiful water… beautiful sand, but it was just the setup of it the organization of it that I didn’t really like. Just the situation of the beach chairs and it was sort of a free-for-all on the beach when we got there. Where people were literally grabbing beach chairs it was crazy. It was absolutely crazy. So that’s the part that I didn’t like. But what I did like from the day was that I got to be with some friends some family and I loved the lunch. It was wonderful. I am off my diet. And when I get back to Canada. I will be going back to my regular diet. Okay guys. Thank you so much for watching. I don’t know what I’m going to show you guys tomorrow but I promise it will be something good. Alright! Bye! Everybody can go! Everybody Cubans! People from any resort. People from Cayo Coco. So… Once we get there you follow me. We take it! We go through a pathrail and then there is like a ranch on where I’m going to give you 2 tickets per person. One ticket is for the lounge chair you have included. It is a caring lounge chair similar to what you have a the resort. Because their are others that are like beds. Those are not any good. Just ones that are similar to the lounge chairs you find at your resort. With that ticket you pay for the lounge chairs as it’s a public beach… means you have to choose it yourself and then someone will come and will ask you to pay for it and you just have to give the ticket to that person. The other ticket I will give to you is to pay for a welcoming cocktail. You have included at Poco loco bar. It’s a bar located near by the seashore right there at the beach. Poco loco there with the other ticket I give to you. You pay for a cocktail. At 1:15 1:15 because we’re supposed to have lunch at 1:30 So at 1:15 you must be here on the bus already. So at 1 you had to be ready arrive at the bus. 1:15 we are leaving. We’re going to the restaurant because we’re not having lunch at Pilar. Why? The restaurant over here is not ready for a big group. Everybody, so we are going to a modern restaurant… very nice one. It is just 8 mins from Pilar. That’s why we take the bus. We have lunch and after lunch we go back to the resorts. Stay there whole morning from now 9 a.m. to 1 So like four hours at the beach. There you will find the toilet. I will show you. There are two parts. One part where I’m going to take the tickets. That part over there is just for drinks. It has beers, soft drinks and water. The other one is just for cocktails. The other one that you have to go with two tickets I give to you. So you know lunch is included and you have to choose what you want to eat. I had to know it before so you have different options surf and turf, fish, chicken, pork or shrimps. Surf-and-turf that is a lobster with shrimps and rice comes with rice and vegetables, or chicken, pork, fish and shrimps and I need to know it before you get off. The one Sol Cayo Guillermo and Pilar Beach. So now I’m going to your seat to ask you quickly. What do you want to order for lunch? Well, thank you guys so much for watching! Please subscribe! Please like! Please share, and I want all of you guys to stay happy and happy. Bye!


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