Planänderung – Wilde Tiere – Unser Kalender ist da | Update Fahrrad Weltreise #7

Welcome to a new update from us We are in Lutchigorsk, in the east of Russia The last two weeks some stuff happened Change of plans Many unexpected situations We speak about this We answer a question And we have a big Announcement for you. Have fun Two weeks ago we were in Komsomolsk na Amur From there we wanted to take a Ferry to Sakhalin island Unfortunately our plans changed The water was too high In general in that region Where some floodings So the ferries were cancelled And we didn’t know when the next ferry would go Maybe in a week or something And we didn’t want to wait for a week in Komsomolsk So we decided to go directly to Vladivostok And see Sakhalin at another time From Komsomolsk we headed to the south At the beginning on the highway with much traffic We knew it from our first time in Russia 2 years ago There we also cycled a lot on the highway The traffic was horror and it still is It’s no fun at all But luckily after 150 or 200km We found another road Which was just under construction It was around 200km long Heading south, parallel to the highway With perfect tarmac Almost no traffic Amazing landscapes and it was just so much fun But then We had to pay for the good road Because after around 200km Tarmac stopped and we had some good gravel at the beginning Which was okay Then we had to cross a little mountain range To get back on the Highway The road was more adventurous Many waterholes Which were deeper then xpected Had to push a lot Much mud and dirt The bikes where so dirty on the last day But then we made it We came back on the Highway, 10km north from here And cycled the highway And saw again all the traffic So now we are thinking about how to continue From here to Vladivostok the only option is To take the highway There are no small roads So now we think Probably, on Monday or Tuesday We’ll try to hitchhike to Vladivostok With our bicycles It’s around 500km i think or? We’ll just try, no idea I’m excited, it’s maybe a nice change To cycle there We made it for thousands of kilometer On the highways They are to narrow for so much traffic And the people Don’t understand cycling And they don’t know How it feels when a truck passes you with half a meter distance How horrific and dangerous it is Then we have a big Announcement Greetings from the world – 2020 A calendar, illustrated by Olga In the beginning of the year i had the idea to make a calendar Choose a motif from every country What funny things happened there Or what i remembered from there I’m very happy with the result It was a lot of fun to make this calendar I hope it brings you joy too It will be available for our Patrons For downloading and selfprinting So everyone who supports us on Patreon Everyone who is already supporting us You already have it safe, you don’t have to do anything more And everyone who wants to have it Everyone, what did we say? I think within the next two months Who supports us on Patreon for whichever amount Can download this calendar And print it by yourself We did this too We just took a USB stick and went to a copy shop In this small village in Russia And printed it and got this attachement That worked perfectly So we are very sure That in whichever city or village you live You can go to your local copyshop And give him the file And he prints it And the you have our calendar And we hope you enjoy it Right, with Olgas illustrations It turned out really nice We don’t want to show all the illustrations of course Right, if you want to see it completly You can get it on Patreon Thanks for your support And we hope you like this little additional gift And now a question which we got a lot since we are in Russia Are we not scared of all the wild animals? The bears The tigers Yes, tigers are living here Right, we are in areas where the siberian tiger is living Actually the biggest cat in the world So the biggest tiger in the world These guys are huge! We didn’t saw them Are we scared of them? Not really, because Tigers are very careful animals They don’t come close to people We also make lots of noise while cycling And the bears too They don’t want contact with humans And the rangers which who we spoke Said, that in Russia it’s very rare that bears attack humans Only if they feel in danger Or their puppies are in danger Or if they are totally crazy Normally they try to not encounter humans Especially here in Russia And in eastern Europe It’s different bears then in Norther America and Canada There it’s a different story We haven’t been there, we don’t have accurate infos It might be different there and you must be more careful And especially in the beginning of the year As Olga said When the mother is together with the puppies And you get between them, you have to be carefull But now, in fall, in Russia Normally nothing will happen And i mean, this is The wilderness and the nature Humans living in the wilderness for tens of thousands of years Together with the animals And now in this modern world Suddenly everything is so dangerous and you shouldn’t go into the nature or into the wild You just have to be cautious You have to be prepared And you have to Especially with bears, just be loud Then they don’t get closer They are shy, they don’t want contact with humans Or attac us, they are not aggressive So yeah, we are not really scared of the wild animals Actually we would like to see them It would had been so nice to see a bear Now the camera almost fell The only animals we saw here Where some deers a couple of days ago Which we surprised And they jumped each after another over the road That was nice No bears, no tigers We are not scared Would had been nice to see them How we prepared for the bears What we have with us We will talk about it next week a bit more in detail Next week we’ll release a video Like “Our tips for your cycletour in Russia” Because we are experts of Russia now Absolutely right We will collect 10 tips, or maybe 12 or something What we learned in Russia How you can be good, and safe and lucky While travelling the country And see the best of it That we will have next week And in two weeks we see us again for an update Hopefully by then we arrived in Vladivostok Either cycled, hitchiked or walked We will see, you will see Thanks for joining us again Leave a Thumbs up and subscribe We see you next week With the tips for Russia

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