Planning a Family Vacation- Fun for All Generations

Multi-generational family vacations have become very popular, they’re very complex. Because there are so many different needs for these families as to what they like to do, the types of activities and what they’re interested in the whole aspect of the multi-generational travel
is putting all of this together and finding the perfect kind of all-inclusive vacation
that covers everyone’s needs. When I’m putting together
multi-generational travel there’s a lot of different aspects to look at. A lot of the times like different members of the family are not coming from the same gateways so we want to make sure everybody gets to
their destination about the same time. We want to make sure
they all get their transfers around the same time so they can start their
vacation off together. One of the best programs for traveling
with multi-generations is the Tauck Bridges what a fabulous opportunity to spend
time with your family. They have so many wonderful destinations from the National Parks in the United States
to foreign destinations to even African safaris, so if you’re
looking for something to do with your children and your grandchildren you
can’t beat Tauck. Our challenge is to find the perfect fit
for what your family needs at all levels whether it’s
babysitting, sitting on the beach, wine tasting,
cooking classes or that tennis academy that you’ve been
dying to try. Another great way to spend time with your children and
grandchildren is an all-inclusive that was the first trip I took my whole
family on it also included my mother too so there were four generations and let
me tell you it was a blast! With an all-inclusive vacation like Club
Med you get added value right away. There’s water sports there’s land
activities they put together Olympics it just gets
everybody involved and everybody in the family is bound to
have a good time. We are very familiar with matching right destination or the right cruise ship to your particular needs as a family. There is nothing nicer than showing your grandchildren all the beauties of the world We’ve had families come back just raving
about what we’ve matched them up with.

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