POG en vacances
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POG en vacances

We’re going to Monaco to hangout. We’ll check out some nice cars. We’ll see how people react. It’s the first time for the Pogmobiles to drive around in Monaco with Gumball 3000 stickers on the McPog. It’s going to be fun. It’s a diesel, right POG? F***, yes. What’s up? You couldn’t keep up, what happened? You tried to lose me! We’re all filming each other! Let’s make a camera triangle. It’s a Mexican Standoff. Did you see the Pagani? They are running like their pants is on fire! Shit is about to go down. All these winding roads. So Beautiful. It’s warm. This place is fantastic. You ok, Bro? Yeah, I’m good. Let’s go. I’m not removing it, I’m wearing a bikini. That would’ve been a great idea. That would’ve been really a lot more viewers. That was short. Woa, fuck why is he doing this! Oh God! That was crazy. That was like sex. Let’s do it again. Second drive with friends. I’m discovering the area around Monaco. I’ve also met a lot of new people. It’s the first time I come here with my cars, turned out to be a great idea. Lots of car enthusiasts, supercar owners and carspotters. The owners are very friendly. We might not know each other but we share a passion. So things are going very well. I also spent time with GMK and Akram. It was great. Very nice to meet them. I have met GMK before, but Akram I met for the first time. Just like many other people, I’m a fan. From now on, I want to come to Monaco once a year with my cars. We did some wonderfuls runs… Rana is always ready to take his cars for a drive. He just keeps going for miles. And we are like that as well. We always want to ride. It’s the way we are. That’s all. End of the day. Tired but very happy. It’s a fantastic experience.


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