POKEMON BOX FORT BATTLE IRL! Catching My First Pokemon
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POKEMON BOX FORT BATTLE IRL! Catching My First Pokemon

every cheeks doing it can wait what is going on
why can’t he possibly be doing thank you go one day without doing something crazy Snorlax
what is that thing it won’t be for your information he’s not a thing it’s a
Snorlax and his nickname is big tip Jake I said no more pets without asking me
first why don’t you play with marshmallow yeah do you even have any power attacks
I’m just looking for parents oh come on my fault first woke my college Snorlax
no hard enough to get through that door take why on earth would you want to do
something like this because I’m training for a massive gym battle have you not
seen what the maestro is doing watching this and that’s because me maestro is
coming to steal all of your pokemons right word yes sir
what domination will be your sir if you bring your Pokemon here to fight the
maestro you will have a chance to stop me but if you lose
Pokemon oh yes we will be coming to say hello to my little eggs these little egg
men will be coming to take away your Pokemon can become a Pokemon master and
take down the maestro in his gym battle hey what’s going on everyone its Papa
Jake and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are becoming
master Pokemon trainers why why are you dressed so funny because I’m Ash Ketchum
logo I got the hat that does the swing swing and I got the gloves that do the
throw ins but guys today we are gonna be building our very own pokemon box for
not only so that we can catch and train our own pokemon but also take down the
evil maestro and stop them from taking over the world if you guys are new to
the channel remember to smash that subscribe button and the bell button and
if you don’t I’ll catch you in my pokeball that sounds mean I thought I
don’t mean that but it feels like one guys especially if you want us to
continue series like this obviously is a brand new series so if you liked it let
us know in the comments down below you probably wondered Papa Jake why you got
all the pokéballs well that’s because I’m the pokeball both Pokemon master
this this one’s kind of weird it does this but guys our objective today is of
course to catch our very own pokemon and train them so that we can take on the
maestro but before we do that we need to build a box for that we can store our
Pokemon inside you mean like our very own polka stop yes our very own polka
stop where we can collect our Pokemon bring them back you know after a battle
recharge them and even incubate eggs so we can get brand new Pokemon okay
looking book before we go build our Pokemon box poor I I have a cool trick I
wanna try with you okay Jake I think it’s time to go inside before we go
inside Logan because I know there are some scary Pokemon out here I wanted to
try really quick I want you to stand right there nothing
catch a little Pokemon as soon as I get out of here Oh what I’m gonna do to you
all right fine here I’ll let you out I won’t trap you in a pokeball anymore
okay let’s get downstairs guys and start building this thing cuz I want to go
catch some more Pokemon okay guys so what we’re gonna do for this focus off
is we are gonna be converting this box for it into our very own ultimate
Pokemon box for it they probably wondering Papa Jake what are you gonna
be doing why don’t you come on inside see what look like alright so as you
guys can see this place is currently completely empty but we need to convert
this into the ultimate form which means we need a place to store our pokeballs
all of these pokeballs that we have currently I have two Pokemon Logan has
zero Pokemon Logan hasn’t caught any of it that will change right well Gowell
and we’ll get some Pokemon yes but before we can go outside and catch Logan
this first Pokemon hopefully catch me some more we got to get this place up
and running especially because of this I’ve got our very own Pokemon we have
absolutely no idea what Pokemon is inside this egg but if we incubate it
and treat it just right it should hatch into a brand new it is officially
complete welcome to our very own boss for post you stop we got everything in
here you could possibly want as a legitimate pokemon trainer as you can
see here we’ve got all of our poké balls that we currently have and guys if you
know what these are all calls let us know down below in the comments
personally my favorite is blue one you know you know that’s called let me know
but we’ve got all of our poké balls here for when we go out and try and catch our
first Pokemon obviously I already have two Pokemon
Logan currently has zero we also have over here our front desk so if you
brought your Pokemon in here maybe you were battling and you needed to be
replenished you’d come over here at a new boat oh hi welcome to pop Jake’s
poker stop yeah we’ll fix your Pokemon for 100
pokey coins we also have behind us in incubation chambers so we can put the
egg in here and incubate it and hatch it into a brand new Pokemon obviously
sometimes we find Pokemon eggs so pretty exciting to see what we got Jake why
don’t we hire a great now I guess we can do that guys this egg could turn out to
be any Pokemon could even be Mew well in order to hatch the Pokemon egg we need
to place it inside the incubator like so once the Pokemon egg is inside the
incubator you bring over the incubation front manifold here once this is set up
like this we’re gonna activate the incubation switch and turn on the
incubator it should be activating any second oh there we go it is activating
the incubation chamber is working looks like it’s incubating there it is
brand-new Pokemon guys this could be the most amazing the most heroic the most
powerful Pokemon the maestro ourselves okay he’s kind of funny how’s it going
everyone saw you written up a new polka stop and had to come by and introduce
myself excuse me but who are you I’m Professor poco your Pokemon
professor aren’t you I know everything there is to know about Pokemon and I
heard you two were going after that evil maestro so I thought I’d bring myself
around he gave you some assistance yeah don’t know of course you can work at our
pocus stop we need all the help you can get we’re going after the maestro for
you Papa Jake I brought you my very own pokedex I’m too old now to use it but I
think you could do you some good pokedex we can use this to help battle
and catch pokemon there’s no way the Meister is gonna stop us now okay guys
why don’t we go outside and try and catch my first Pokemon yeah I think I
think that’s a great idea now down Logan your very first Pokemon don’t get your
hopes up okay it’s not gonna be as cool as my cubone
all right it’s probably gonna be small it’s gonna be easy to catch but I’m
gonna show you how to do it’s really simple follow me the way I like to do
this is we need to start small okay I have three pokemon and they were a
little hard to catch but for you we need something easy so that’s why I brought
us to the backyard where there’s a ton of water pokemon I think we go looking
for a Magikarp and looks like we got one right here I
caught my first two pokemon with skill with triumph in this with valor for you
we’re going easy now I know it’s not the most exciting pokemon in fact it’s just
the fish that flops around like this a Magikarp one day could be greater than
just a fish let me take out the Pokedex and do a little scan of this bad boy you
don’t want to use the Pokedex oh you know everything about the pokemon before
you try and capture that’s why the professor gave this to me okay now all
we need to do is use our pokeball give it a good old throw hey there little
buddy Jake what about some berries I don’t
have berries but I have some nuts here Magikarp nuts he didn’t like the nuts
okay he didn’t like the nuts he doesn’t like the nuts all right you don’t just
taemi my pokeball I’m gonna catch him should be easy enough he’ll wind up the
old arm and throw Jake Jake I want this one guy yeah that’s a guy results you
don’t go near the Kyra dose that’s like a thousand times bigger than what I just
got you I want that one though that one looking that one is massive it’s gonna
eat you alive Jake come on just give me a poke of all I can do this all right
fire man but when you get eaten I’m not sticking around to get you out of him
because that thing is a monster here take this while your best shot at
it okay Jake just relax no way you just caught a guy read us how
did you catch a guy widows well he won’t be up it’s for trading the magic are for
a Gyarados would you I mean they’re the magic herbs really quite no Jake I think
we just need to go my very own guy a toast guys
smash that like button if you think I’m better at Pokemon than Jake Jake can you
not do that while I’m talking I’m he’s not that cool alright pokedex it’s just
a big snake water snake I mean I anything I think the magic carps even
cooler than this Gyarados I think I get it he’s happy he’s big okay I find you
first pokemons really cool Logan and I hope to catch it but we still have a
mission okay we need to stop oh I thought I would come and say excuse me
but who are you my name is Draco and I’m the son of a maestro my father sent me
to stop you to mistress on another nice try too son you’re so keen on stopping
my father why don’t you bring your pokemon to my gym and see what you can
do okay you know yeah you’re on we’ll take you
up on that because we’re getting one step closer to taking down your dad we’re bringing all of our Pokemon
alright this is Draco’s arena guys this is where
he wants to battle if we can take out Draco we can make our way up to the
maestro and stop him this is step one and our goal is stopping the maestro and
saving Pokemon and if I win Pokemon no no Jake this guy looks like he means
business I could take him on it hasn’t been up against my Snorlax before buddy
Snorlax go relax you can do this buddy
don’t run destroy that Snorlax lightning bolt now you do that you find Snorlax
you’re amazing no no no what are you doing who you’re working for
he’s an evil man what do you have next or should I take your Pokemon now I
stole my cube oh maybe he can take out this Joel Tron he was hatched from
pretty cool egg hey q-ball go give up give him what what
are you doing give him this this way no Joel Tron
attack that really thing now looking to get Jake Jake I still got
guy Ordos he’s good right all right Jake oh let’s see if you can
handle my Kyra dose go Kyra dose go to the thing’s massive
oh yeah Geiger dose hit him with the water tap you weaken them you might
actually win this fight another water attack one step closer and
take down the maestro now that we’ve taken down Draco here you can make your
way to the next trainer and get even closer to taking down the maestro but
guys if you like these Pokemon matches and wants to continue our way up and
taking down the maestro then hit that like button and leave a comment down
below as well do not forget to hit the subscribe button so you never miss the
brand-new video but this has been Papa Jake and polka Logan and we’ll see you
guys next time for another awesome video


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