Pokémon GO Picnic Bento Lunch Box ポケモンGO攻略♪ピクニック弁当の作り方 – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY
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Pokémon GO Picnic Bento Lunch Box ポケモンGO攻略♪ピクニック弁当の作り方 – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY

hi everyone welcome to creating happy this is Algernon today I wanted to show you how to make pokemon bento box I received a great idea request from one of my viewers she asked me to make Pokemon picnic Fanta bong I thought it would be nice to take it out with you while I go out of the port pick him on I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you can try it out let’s pack the side dishes first the link to the each recipe is in the description box now let’s move on to the Pokemon rice balls I’m going to use deca foodie to color the rice then form the race into small balls using plastic wrap you can use soy sauce for evey to make pokeball I’m going to use kanakamma unroll kanakamma and place it on plastic wrap place and potato salad and wrap into a ball when everything is ready unwrap the rice balls and place them in the bento box you cutouts light cheese and nori seaweed sheet to make the face parts you wanted to do this very quickly before the nori and cheese dry out and call up you you then last but not least decorate the pokeball and now it’s done you thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this tutorial the women on the Cantonese yo c’mere do they work at a doctor Cara nice Kukui so days and then todo de tu vida start an end caption vijnana can hide the coil can’t interrogate oh he can Jeanie nicked a masked man so stiff Donald a lock on the Cantonese cut too much is up that even no bento this tennis and we can extend employment so so it we when I will show you Bohannon Lucado die skinemax enoshima’s cheese Munna Munna kanakamma more cooking if related to Tonto cancel stare don’t go my do not take the Shimano day I’m at this moment if Tiger cider dedicated a good takeoff takeoff I isolate a point in any mass catch it potato salad I can accommodate let’s cook them eaten like a dog cake on a di da da da da de nada Mott Emma visa oh come on Nico – she needed el garaje Kota be botella de Tomaso’s taken on a dong Yoda OCC me des obento near a toque even in eco in a hanbok gallo an axe a ito Mona’s pathologic wasn’t a camera meaning Sugar’s kitchen I bear moon in equal need an idea when Tony turn OSS Mishima’s so to Khurana an Okanagan am Ashok I stay on uniquely Hagen decade okay collie of the not forgive us hmm for came on bento I see this tastes good namida kudasai course your cupboard and down a pop-up a boss your cover didn’t it right right can I say okay so Donna met them in square Tony was going to go pee wees for – hmm – dude you gotta say Jonny bye-bye no more naked rose


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