Pole Tent Basics – How to install center poles.

So, on your initial launch of the tent, you want to have the pole at about a forty five
degree angle. This is just enough to get the weight of the tent off the ground. Then, move
on to the next one. Then move on to the next one. Then move on to the next one. Then you can come back and stand them all up
nice and neat on their mark. The number of people working on one center pole, varies with the size
of the center pole. Always, the tall guys need to be at the top of the center pole. The short guys need to be at the bottom of the poles. The reason for this is, when you are going up, the first thing you want, is the tall guys to push up on that center pole. This will get the top off the ground. Everybody else down toward the bottom is driving the pole up. The guys at the top are working their way down the pole, forcing it up. The guys at the bottom are continuing to
drive it forward. Talls guys at the top. Short guys at the bottom. One experienced guy has to put the pin through the hole. The guy at the center pole, at the pin,
has the responsibility to guide that pin all the way
through the proper number of pieces, in the proper order. Then, if he can, he should reach his hand through the lace line and make sure the pin is not hooked on the lace line.

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