– [Stephen] Got it. Oh, get it, get it, get it, get it! Pull it! Daniel, what is that thing? (high-pitched beep) – The lawn crew’s here but animal control should also
be here really really soon. Hey Sharers what’s goin’ on? So you saw in our last
vlog that Grace and I did 24 hour overnight challenge on the inflatable water trampoline and it was going pretty well until we looked underneath the trampoline and the pond monster had been hiding and storing food under there forever. (splashing) (Grace and Stephen yelling) – [Grace] Whoa, whoa! (loud thump) Whoa! (beating continues) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! What do we do?! What do we do?! – We gotta get off. – [Grace] Stephen! – [Stephen] We gotta get off.
– [Grace] Hurry, hurry, hurry. It was honestly super scary and we had to cancel the challenge. Which we never cancel challenges. – So Grace and I looked
up the number on my iPhone for the Animal Control person. They’re coming back. They should be here any moment. Right now we have the lawn crew here and it’s making a ton of
noise so I apologize for that. But we’re waiting right by the pond. We’re keeping our eye
out for the pond monster, and we’re waiting for
Animal Control to get here. Right now all we know is the
pond monster was last seen underneath this water trampoline, so we’re assuming it’s
still underneath there. Now fish and animals generally
hide out during the day so hopefully we’ll still be
able to catch this monster. – Yeah, but, Stephen, we
don’t know if it’s a fish. Like, we don’t know what
type of monster it is so we don’t know if it’s like, land, water, like, what it kinda does. Ya know? – Yeah and Sharers, major
shout out to all of you commenting last video
that you saw something in, like, a black outfit
over by these trees here. This was absolutely huge. Now again, remember, we film live so we don’t always see
everything when we’re filming. But you said there was someone over here, in this area, that you saw and right now there’s nobody but this is kind of interesting. Look at this.
– Yeah, kinda looks like a little hideout. – [Stephen] No, look at this. What are these? Are these raspberries or something? – [Grace] Oh yeah, look, that
one looks ready up there. – [Stephen] Oh you’re right. That looks ready. Ready and ripe. – Yeah, maybe that person or
monster that was over here was snacking on these. – This is basically the exact
spot that you all pointed out. – [Grace] Yeah. – So I’m wondering if
it has something to do with the raspberries in here or something. They were definitely seeing us
on the water trampoline here so that could be a huge clue. – Yeah, but I don’t know if that was the monster or a person. I think it might be two different things. (cellphone ringing) – [Stephen] Oh hold on. Hello? (distorted talking) You’re here? (distorted talking) Grace, animal control is here. – [Grace] Ooh, we gotta go get them. – All right, yeah, we’re down at the pond, it should–
– Just say it’s left of the driveway. – It’s just left of the driveway. (distorted talking) Yeah, hold on I see you. You can come down. – [Grace] There he is. – Yeah Mr. Animal Control come down. There he is. Animal Control, perfect. Down here! [Grace] There he is! – Oh wait is that a cop? – [Grace] Wait what? Wait, hold up Stephen. – Maybe it’s an animal
control police officer. (siren approaching) Hi. Are you Animal Control? – Yes. – Are you a police officer too? – Yes, I’m an Animal Control officer. – [Stephen] All right, so
we have a huge problem. We have, um, a big some sort
of creature in the pond. – Okay. – So we’re wondering if
you can help us get it out? – Where at? – [Stephen] So last spotting that we saw, underneath the trampoline? – [Grace] Yeah, underneath
the trampoline, yeah. – We have, like, a lot of
inflatables in the pond ’cause we’re YouTubers and we
like to do some cool stuff. – All right. – We had a big party so that’s what all these floats are for. – Wow. – And um, so Grace and I,
that’s my sister Grace. – Okay.
– [Grace] Hi. – We were doing a big,
like, overnight challenge, and as it kind of got darker,
we were on the trampoline and we noticed, well we heard
a, actually, I’ll show you. If you look on the trampoline, Grace, let’s see if we can pull
this a little bit closer in. – [Grace] Yeah, maybe look
to see if it’s underneath it. ‘Cause it might still be there. – [Stephen] So I think the
anchor on this thing broke so it can come close to the shore now. But we noticed that there was holes in the top of the trampoline, and so then we looked underneath
and you can kind of peek, if you lift this stuff up, you can see completely
underneath the trampoline. – [Animal Control] Oh yeah. – [Stephen] And this is
where the monster was. – Yeah. – And then we got scared. It started, like, banging the trampoline, and things started shaking like crazy, so Grace and I ran, and we
kinda ran up to the house, and then we basically
looked up your number and we gave you guys a call. – Okay. – [Stephen] And I guess
you’re here now so. – Yeah this, this is gonna be a,
– I don’t know what to do. – This is a big monster for sure. – How big do you think it could be? – Uh, probably 30-40 feet. – Are you serious? – Yeah, this thing is gonna be big. – [Grace] How do you
think it got in the pond? – I don’t know, these things, they can just grow right at the bottom. It’s incredible. – [Grace] Wow. – It’s unbelievable. Let me call corporate up, and
we’ll get some other guys, or, uh, we’ll see if we
can’t get this taken care of. – This is gonna be bigger than we thought. – [Grace] Yeah, this is a disaster. – [Stephen] Do you have, like, equipment and stuff to get it? – [Animal Control] Yes. – ‘Cause we’re tryina get
it out as soon as we can. – [Animal Control] Of course. Lemme see what I can do. – Okay. Sharers, comment down below
if you see any spottings of the pond monster–
– [Grace] evidence clues–
– [Stephen] evidence, clues. – Yeah like the other day,
remember, we saw those, like, scales in the water? Like fish scales?
– Yeah. – So if you see anything
like that today let us know. Do you think you have
anything that could help us try to lure it out today? – [Animal Control] I
think I have some stuff. – [Grace] Oh, whoa. – [Animal Control] All right, let’s get this thing taken care of. – [Stephen] All right. – [Grace] Wow, he has
a lot of stuff Steve. – [Stephen] Yeah. – [Grace] We’ll definitely
get it out I think. – We better. I don’t know if this
helps but, right here, on this side of the pond, we have a ramp. – [Animal Control] Yeah. – So I don’t know,
like, we’ve seen turtles and other animals use it to
get in and out of the pond. – [Animal Control] Yeah. – I don’t know if that can mean something like the animal comes
in and out through here? – [Animal Control] Definitely. That’s completely possible. All right, this is the perfect spot. We’re gonna take a look at
the area and use the net, and see what we can find. – Okay. Just, do you see anything Grace? – Today I have not really seen anything. I’m just so worried that the
pond will never be fixed. – No Grace, you gotta keep up hope. Sharers, smash the like button. We gotta get this pond
monster out once and for all. – Yeah, I think this guy
seems pretty reliable. All those gadgets he’s
had in that back truck seems like a lot. – Yeah, no, they actually look
really, really, really good. We’re just gonna surveillance the area, figure if we see anything, Oooh, do you see that white thing? That is a giant fish. – [Grace] What is that? That looks–
– Do you see that? – [Grace] That looks like a shark. – [Stephen] That is showing up like crazy. – [Grace] I think that’s a shark. – [Stephen] That better
not be the pond monster. That thing’s huge, actually huge. – [Grace] It’s just sitting there. – [Stephen] Uhhhh, all right
lemme snap a picture of that just so we can keep that as evidence. Three, two, one, perfect. All right, that’s huge. That’s not the pond monster I don’t think. – No, maybe it’s a baby pond monster. I don’t know. – All right, well Animal Control is here. He’s going in the water right now, so, he can definitely surveillance that and let us know exactly
what that species is. – Hey, sir, did you see that white, like, shark-looking thing in there? – Oh yeah, that’s just an
albino coy, they’re harmless, and you’re actually
really lucky to have one. They’re super rare. – [Stephen] Ooo!
– Oh! – Are they friendly? – Oh yeah, they’re not gonna hurt you. That’s definitely not what
we’re looking for today. – Oh, okay. – They got a net and a rope. Ooo that’s, that’s pretty cool. How’s it lookin’? – Nothing yet, but uh,
it’s definitely in here. – [Stephen] Do you know, like,
what kind of food they like or that we could attract them with? – Yeah, they’ll eat any type of fish food. – [Stephen] Oh! – Do you have any fish food on you?
– [Stephen] Fish food! – Yes, we have a whole bucket! – [Stephen] That bucket right there is full of coy food.
– Oh that’s perfect. – [Stephen] Here, should we throw some in? – Yeah. This is all fish food. This whole bucket. And we throw it in twice a day actually. How much should we throw in? – [Stephen] Um, probably a scoop? How much should we throw in? – Yeah, I’d say at least a scoop. – [Stephen] Aright Grace,
let’s throw the coy food in. Ya ready? – Yep, I’m ready. – [Stephen] All right,
three, two, one, throw it in. – Oh! There it goes! – [Stephen] Perfect. – Okay. – [Stephen] Whoa!
– [Grace] What? – [Stephen] What was that?!
– Whoa, Stephen, that, – [Stephen] Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Big bubbles. Big bubbles. Big bubbles. – [Grace] We need to get over there. – [Stephen] Wait, what
is that, what is that? That’s it, that’s it, that’s it. It’s after the coy food. – [Grace] Run, run, run. Get the net ready.
– [Stephen] Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. – [Grace] It loves coy food. It loves coy food. – [Stephen] I told you. Sharers, comment the time down below. We definitely just saw that monster. Where did it go? – [Grace] It must’ve been hiding here and then jumped right in. – [Stephen] Oh my goodness. Where do you think it went? – It dove right here. I think it’s right here Stephen. I think we can get it.
– [Stephen] All right. Let’s try to get it. Come on, we gotta get this thing. Come on, where did it go? Where did it go? Where did it go? – [Grace] I think it’s right here. It dove straight down, I think. – [Stephen] Do we need more food? Grace, maybe go grab some
more food real quick. – [Grace] I’ll get the whole bucket. – [Stephen] All right, we
gotta lure this thing in. Does this have bait on it? – No, we gotta add some more. – [Stephen] Okay, Grace,
we need more food quick. Hurry, hurry, hurry. I got the net, just in case. – [Animal Control] Okay, perfect. – [Stephen] Do you see anything? What kind of monster do
you think this thing is? – Oh, I don’t know. I know it’s big, though. I don’t know if we’ve dealt with something quite like this before. – [Stephen] All right. Sharers, comment down below if you see it. We know it’s in this
general area right here. So, we just gotta keep an eye out for it. Grace, let’s start luring it in. We need more food. – [Grace] All righty. – [Stephen] Should we just dump it in? – Yeah, I’d say, let’s
throw another scoop in. – All right, another scoop.
– Another scoop. – [Stephen] Go for it. Lure it in. Oh, try to get it in the
water not on the trampoline. Yeah, there we go. All right. Perfect, let’s lure this thing in. Come on, pond monster,
we gotta get you out. – I kinda feel it, like,
watching me here, actually. – [Stephen] There’s no
way for it to escape, so it’s definitely in this area. It must just be holding its breath. – Yeah, but, I don’t know how long they can hold their breath for. – [Stephen] Do you have any idea what kind of species this is? – I’m not sure yet. We gotta get a good look at it, but, uh, – How many do you think
there are in the world? – Not many, maybe one or two. – [Stephen] Oh gosh. – One or two? – Let’s go check over by the creek and see if we can find some footprints. – Oh, yeah, footprints, any sort of evidence or
clues would be perfect. – [Grace] Yeah, footprints, teeth, feathers, anything really. – [Stephen] Did I just hear something? – Wait, I see splash. – [Stephen] There’s splash. Sir, there’s splashes, there’s
splashes, there’s splashes. – [Grace] Sir, there was a splash. – [Stephen] Look, there’s
splashes in the water. – [Grace] Right there, there’s bubbles. – [Stephen] All right, It
must be by the water slide. – [Animal Control] It must be. – [Stephen] All right,
so, let’s go on this side. It’s gotta be by the water slide. Hang tight. – [Grace] The water slide? I hope it doesn’t pop it. – All right, keep your
eyes out, it’s gotta be by the water slide. – [Grace] There’s a water ripple, Stephen. Do you see that? – [Stephen] Yeah, ripples. It must have just splashed. It must have came up for a breath. Ooh, there’s a splash,
right by the rock wall. Right by the wall, rock wall right there. Yeah, all right, it’s splashing. – [Grace] Wow, there’s another one. – [Stephen] Oh, it’s
definitely taking breaths. Oh, it’s running out of breath. (Grace screams) Oh, my gosh, it’s a fish. Is it a fish? What is that? – Well, it’s big monster. – [Stephen] Oh, my goodness. Quick we gotta get some proper equipment. We got it. We got it. Oh, get it, get it, get it, get it. Pull it, yank it. What is that thing?
(Grace screaming) What is it? What is it? Get it, get it, get it, get it, get it. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where’d it go? Where’d it go? Where’d it go?
(Grace screaming) Where’d it go? Where’d it go? – Oh, this monster was huge. We gotta go back to the truck and we gotta call in reinforcements. – [Stephen] Reinforcements? – [Grace] We gotta call more people. – [Stephen] All right, quick. I told you this was big. Oh my goodness. – [Grace] Why is it in our yard? – I don’t know. This thing is wild, Sharers. Comment what you think that thing is. Oh my goodness. All right, how quick can
you call in reinforcements? – They’re on their way. Hello. (distorted talking) – [Grace] Yeah, it’s an emergency, so they have to come fast. – Yeah, we need people right now. It’s big.
(distorted talking) Yep. All right, they’re on their way, guys. – [Stephen] All right. – Okay. – Oh, that’s perfect, oh, wait. – [Grace] Is that them? – [Stephen] That’s really quick. Perfect, I’ll go call them down, sir. – [Grace] Okay. – All right. – [Grace] Go get them. – Hey, down here. Yeah, perfect. Yeah, come down this way. – [Grace] Hurry. – Wait, what? It’s a package, Grace. – [Grace] Oh. – [Stephen] Hold on, what? Package for Stephen? Hold on. I’m coming. Wait, what is this thing? A million dollars? For what?

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