Pop Up Picnic: GVLT to host unique event

quarter after six here on this beautiful Monday morning I’m joined by my dear friend EJ ports from Gallatin Valley Land Trust she’s our communications and outreach director and that is so perfect of a fitting title for you because that is exactly what you do to the community you’re constantly out reaching and doing amazing things which is why you’re here this morning the first ever pop-up picnic and this is a cool little collaboration EJ tell us about G BLTs first-ever pop-up picnic yes so we have a next-gen advisory board which is a bunch of young professionals who care a lot about open land and trails and they wanted to do a fundraiser for us so this event is modeled after a party that they do all over the world called dinner in white where people dress up in these really fancy outfits and bring tables and chairs to a surprise location with an entire meal that they’ve brought themselves since this is Bozeman we’ve made it a little bit more casual so this is just a regular picnic but the surprise element is still there so I love this I just bought my ticket for it’s 20 bucks and you’re gonna tell us on the day of where we’re going and we’re gonna just bring our picnic right to this really cool location but you mentioned a moment ago I’m trying to pry it out of our where where are we going what are we doing it’s a surprise yeah but you guys will be decorating the space it’ll be this cute little spot so really all we need to do is bring a blanket exactly and we’re trying to celebrate all the amazing outdoor places we have in this community you know whether it’s out in the open land or out in a park and trail and Bozeman that we all love we’re gonna be outside sharing a Montana summer night together so yeah bring your own picnic you have the choice of a number of different restaurants that we’ve partnered with something on your own you can bring whatever you’d like to drink we will have live music the ice cream truck is going to be visiting us a fun and yeah we’ve decorated this space to make it feel really special and unique and we’re raising money for a really good cause of course that’s obviously what we’re doing this for how do we get tickets how do people find out more information yep the tickets are online at GV LT org Gallatin Valley Land Trust GV LT org they’re just 20 bucks and we are funding a display that we’re hoping to put on the top Pete’s Hill that will help you and the visitors you bring up there identify what mountain ranges you’re looking great ideas so kind of like an art installation piece Pizza was the very first park and trail that we ever built as an organization Wow with the city of Bozeman so we’re looking to raise money to install something there for people to enjoy what they’re looking at that’s really cool because a lot of times like over here and if you sit with enough confidence your guests from out of town will believe whatever you’re saying now you don’t have to Bluff so yeah so then one more question how do we find out on the day I’m just by email what the address is gonna be for the pop-up yeah if you have a ticket we you will send you an email you’ll know where you’re going a couple little reminders in there as well we’ll have everything taken care of so you can have a nice picnic in a beautiful place I just love it how fun the first-ever pop-up picnic yes picnic is just such a good time it really is in Matt’s forecast that he just gave us looks beautiful on every so we’ll hold onto that it is time to toss it back over to chat at the main desk Chet

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