Portable Shower for Camping Off Grid Living USB Rechargeable
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Portable Shower for Camping Off Grid Living USB Rechargeable

portable shower for camping outdoor off grid living survival emergencies hunting beach usb rechargeable battery hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m out in my
granny camp which is my Alaska off-grid cabin one of the things that I like no
matter where I am is the ability to take a shower so for this year’s summer at my off grid cabin Alaska I
bought a portable electric outdoor shower battery-operated USB rechargeable
portable shower it’s by Ooklee or Acetek you can see when you open the portable camping shower it comes with
assorted parts but it’s simple to put together and it’s very easy to use I
ordered it on Amazon it isn’t very expensive the first thing you do is look
at all the parts to the portable camping shower and make sure that you have them all then you want to take the
little o-ring and you put it into the end of the hose now screw on the
showerhead handle the battery operated rechargeable shower controller has an on/off switch easy to use that is also where you connect it the portable shower to the water pump
before you try to use it portable camping shower ooklee acetek make sure you plug it in and charge it you can plug it
into any USB outlet and then you can see it lights up red when it’s charging it’s
great because after you’ve got it fully charged the charge can last for nearly
an hour which allows you to have a lot of showers the bottom of the pump has a
filtering end where the water sucks into it and you can see there’s a little
dimple that sticks out that holds it off at the bottom so whatever water
container you’re using this suction from the pump is not going to be stuck on to the bottom
of the container now thread the shower hose onto the pump and you can see the hose for the portable shower it’s over
6 feet long so it’s plenty tall enough for who’s ever going to want to take a
shower the portable camping shower comes with two ways to hook it it has
a suction cups you can put it onto a solid surface or it has a hook you could
hook it over a branch or something in your camp attach the power unit and drop
the pump into your water I put some cold water in a bucket heat some up on my
camp stove and pour the hot water into the bucket now I have warm water for
taking the shower summers in Alaska are in the 60’s degrees and it
can be cloudy a lot you can’t really rely on having hot water unless you’re
heating it up yourself now there’s two ways that I use this portable shower I can just stand on
my mat outside the water will run through it I can shower and let the
water run through on to the ground or you can stand in a dishpan type bucket
you can shower and it’ll run into the bucket and then you have that water
still that you can carry away and dump somewhere else I have my showerhead
hooked over the curtain rod on my door and I have my bucket of hot water now I’m
going to put the pump into the bucket of water
don’t put the controller into it hold on to the controller and turn the shower it on and the
water will begin to flow now I can turn on the switch and allow the shower to
run you can see that you get a lot of shower water
out of the head and it’s still hot because I put hot water into it I can
click it off and on make it go on and off with a click of
the switch then you want to remember how to take a sailor shower you get all wet
turn the shower off suds up turn the shower it on rinse off and you can do it shower with very little water
once the water is heated up I can also use it for washing the dishes if you’re
washing dishes in an off-grid or a camping situation get a sponge with soap
on it wet your dishes suds them all up and then you can rinse them with the portable camping
shower hose turn it on rinse the dishes you can’t control the flow of the water not
the amount you can only control if it’s on or off so if you don’t have a lot of
water pay close attention to how much you’re using for your shower before you run out and you
still have soap all over you or your dishes this also works great if you
wanted to wash your pet wash your car or water your plants because you can tote it around
wherever you want and it’s easy to recharge it so you can keep going
because the pump sits flat on the bottom you’re going to be able to use all of
the water in your container what little water is left I could tip the
bucket and turn it on again but you can see it got down to only about a half an
inch of water left in the bucket and that’s utilizing all that I could need I
like the Ooklee acetek portable shower I like that it’s rechargeable it’s
battery-operated you can add your own water you can hang your portable camping shower it up different
places and it works really well hang it all up to dry when you’re done with it
and then it has a storage pack for you to put it camping portable battery operated usb shower away carefully when you’re
done using it for your camping trip bug out off grid living hunting fishing make sure you take it apart to ensure
that all the parts are dry and then store it away in the bag for your next
trip try it see if it doesn’t help you feel clean on your outings learn more at
alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel


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