Portable Washing Machine How to Use Portable Dual Twin Tub Washing Machine
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Portable Washing Machine How to Use Portable Dual Twin Tub Washing Machine

Portable Washing Machine How to Use Portable Dual Tub Washing Machine Portable washing Machine how to use Panda XPB36 portable dual tub washing machine how to use panda portable dual tub washing machine how to use panda washing machine hi it’s alaskagranny the panda portable washing machine twin tub washing machine comes with two hoses a hose to hook up the water and a hose to hook to the drain this shorter hose is just about 43 inches long is the water hose so you take the one hose hook it to the sink faucet and the bigger is the drain hose and you place it in the drain one end is bigger than the other you take the smaller end and you place it on the wash basin side of your machine then drain hose is the longer one and it’s already installed from the bottom and you can see you put this clip over here if it’s not already on there and then it’s sturdy and hook so that’s the part that goes over the drain let me show you take the larger end of the water intake hose and you slip it over the end of your faucet push it on there securely and keep your eye on it when it’s filling then you take the hook end of your drain and you stick it down into the drain and the hook part will anchor it so that it won’t come out then you turn on the water and your panda twin tub compact washing machine will fill from the hose that hooks to your sink then you take the cord from the back and you plug it in to your nearest outlet the electrical cord is six feet long the hoses water intake one is 43 inches long and the drain hose is 54 inches long I now have hooked both hoses and the cord i’m going to hold onto the water fill hose to make sure that it stays secure and then I turn on the water my machine is filling whether I want hot water or cold water it is up to me and you can see the machine is filling from the hose the water is pouring in there I can get as much or little water if I want see where the hole is you want to keep it down below that hole though you can see we sometimes get the ring around here so keep it the water level an inch or two below that and then when it agitates it won’t splash around and go over the hole now that it has water in it I can close the lid turn it to wash and then turn it to how many minutes I want it to wash my clothes the agitator goes around one direction and then the other direction agitator is in the bottom and it’ll spin one way and then it will stop and it will spin the other way then when I would be finished with that I would open it up put the clothes in here in the spinner side put this on top this extra thing goes on top of the clothes when you spin you would close the lid and then you would turn it to spin and drain and I’m going to turn on the spinner see that’s what’s nice this turns off when you open it so you can’t hurt yourself you can see it’s going and I opened the lid and it stops that is a safety feature which is nice then when I’m ready to drain my entire tub turn this to drain and then the water goes out through the other hose into the drain you can see it’s going down the drain hose pumping out this hose and it is held securely by the u bracket in the drain so it’s very very simple the water goes out and like I said any water that’s in the spinning side goes out the same exact drain hose it’s done draining so I turn the switch to the middle position which turns it off it’s not on wash or drain its on off it doesn’t say off but that’s what the middle position means before I rinse it I want to make sure it’s not a problem so I’m going to take a paper towel and wipe it out because if you have extra dirt or cat hair or plans or anything like that your paper towel is going to pick it up and then you can just throw it away now I’m going to fill it up and I’m going to rinse them be sure when you’re washing you put it on wash when you are draining have it on drain and then when you’re not doing anything put it in the middle so the Panda Compact Washing machine can’t start up without you being ready when you’re done washing with the Panda compact washing machine and rinsing and spinning remove your hose from off of the faucet I just sort of loop it over and put it down into the wash tub if there’s any little extra drops of water it’ll evaporate then I take the drain hose has this little clip and it clips right onto this side of the Panda compact washing Machine take the clip on the drain hose hang on the little hook machine coil up the hose and hook it with the velcro to keep it out of the way wrap the electric cord around these brackets on the back it only weighs 28 pounds and has two little handles on the side pick it up and move it wherever you’re going to store it if you’re interested in the panda compact washing machine Panda Portable Dual Tub Washing Machine know that we’ve used it for over a year it’s still just like new and performs perfectly so for two hundred dollars this is the way to go if you don’t want to trip and drag your things to the laundry room laundromat 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  • Iridium242

    Hahah kitty wants a bath! lol Thanks for reviewing this one, Its been on my Amazon wishlist for a while. We have a waster and dryer in our house, but this one could run on my solar power backup system so I have been interested if it actually worked!


    Thank you for this video! I have had this panda in my online amazon cart since April of this year. Will be purchasing soon!!!

  • John McFerren

    There is a far more efficient and economical way of using this machine.

    – When finished filling the wash tub, move the hose to the right hand side's spin dryer water inlet (it's there for a reason).
    – Put your least soiled laundry in your first load, increasing soil level as you progress.
    – When finished washing, DO NOT DRAIN, instead move the clothes to the spin dryer, do not start the spin dryer yet.
    – Move the drain so that it drains INTO the wash tub.
    – Start the spin dryer to extract as much of the wash water as possible. You do not need to use the drain position to drain the spin side as the spin timer also controls the pump motor.
    – Move the drain hose to your sink or tub to drain.
    – If there are no more clothes in the wash tub and you are ready to start the next wash load, start the machine and add clothes.
    – Fill the spin dryer with water to rinse clothes, spin this water out, repeat, add fabric softener to last rinse while filling. Both the spin dryer and the wash tub can run at the same time.
    – When finished with the last load, drain the wash tub and clean out the lint while you are rinsing and spin drying the final load. The spin drying of the last load's wash water will also go to the drain instead of returning to the wash tub.

  • yoo toob

    Your kitty is beautiful!
    Thanks for the instructional video. I picked one of these up on CraigsList, but the person who sold it (for $20) wasn't the original purchaser. Woo-hoo! Looking forward to NOT visiting the laundromat very often.

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