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POST CAMPING CLEAN UP (7.20.15 – Day 1207) |

– Good morning, clan! Welcome to Monday, July 20th. We’re home, Tiffany has
been cleaning the trailer. That’s done. I got the battery on the charger trying to get that to 100% again, hopefully, salvage it. Otherwise, I’m gonna be going
and getting two new batteries. Tiffany’s been in and out
of the trailer all morning getting that cleaned up. Inside is pretty much good to go. Next task is to hose
the mud off everything. It’s on the truck, it’s on the bikes, it’s on the outside of the trailer, so, we’re gonna get a little
dirty here cleaning that up. OMG, you guys, it’s Monday, which means that in
three days, VidCon here, VidCon 2015, like, OMG! It’s mind blowing how fast time is flying! We are doing so many things at VidCon. First and foremost, we’re
having an official meet-up at the Fullscreen booth on the expo floor, Friday at 11:30 A.M. That’s Friday, July 24th, 11:30 A.M. at the Fullscreen booth. All four of us will be here,
Sierra, Bryce, Tiffany, at the Fullscreen booth having
a meet-up, so check that out. Before that, I’ll be hosting a gameshow with some other family vloggers
at the Fullscreen booth. That’s at 10:30. And then there’s something else going on, I’m gonna be at the Fullscreen booth– off and on the whole trip, so if you’re on the expo floor
and you’re looking for us, the Fullscreen booth is
probably a good place to check. ‘Cause I’m hosting– I’m gonna be on stage a couple
different times for that, and then like I said, our meet-up. So, write that down if
you’re gonna to be at VidCon, don’t wanna miss it. There’s your opportunity to meet us. For those of you who are not
gonna be able to make VidCon, but maybe you’re in the area, we’re talking about maybe having a meet-up somewhere else off-site,
or outside of VidCon, so you don’t actually have to have passes. So, stay tuned for that, I don’t know yet ’cause I don’t know my schedule just yet. Things are still kind of trickling in, but if you follow me on Twitter, or if you have the app, we have the app, right, you don’t even have to
have a Twitter account. If you get the app
on your phone or your tablet, you can actually see my Tweets from there. So, go download that. All you have to do is go to your app store and search for, it’ll come up, install it, and you’ll never miss
a thing from us again. What’s even crazier than that, you guys, is right after we get back from VidCon, a few short weeks later is
VloggerFair over in Seattle! So a whole ‘nother awesome conference! I love VloggerFair, guys. This is the third year, I’ve
gone the last two years. I love what Chris and Diana and Liz and Brent put together. They’re such an amazing team and VloggerFair’s such an amazing event. All four of us will be
at that too, as well. So if you’re in the Pacific
Northwest, Seattle, Oregon area and you wanna come up and meet us there, we’ll be at VloggerFair. If you haven’t got your tickets
yet, you can still get ’em. Use our promo code “Clintus”. I’ll have it linked down below. Get your tickets at a discounted rate. Come see us, come see the kids. It’s gonna be a guaranteed a great time. VloggerFair’s so awesome
’cause it’s so tight-knit and it’s just more intimate. And so, if you have an
opportunity to go to VloggerFair, I highly, highly recommend that. Sierra’s playing a little Minecraft with some of her friends from school. Getting excited to go back to
school in a week or so here. Bryce is in here playing Destiny. Looks like he– Ooh, he’s talking to the queen! “You must get to the Black Garden. “You must get the Eye of a Gate Lord.” And Tiff’s out here just
hosing down the mat. (water spraying) Fun, fun, fun! Hey! (laughs) All right, so my first order of business was to clean the Green
Machine, and there it is. Look at that! Almost brand new aside from
my little scratches there from my crash. Some of this stuff
doesn’t come off, though. That’s from my chain, look at that. Like, it like, stained it. I even put some soap and wax on there, trying to brush it off,
and it didn’t work. But pretty clean for the most part. I like it! (soft guitar music) (water sloshing) All right, so, we were gonna wait for a
phone call from the RV shop because we’re due for our repairs and our warranty’s coming up too, as far as the cosmetic stuff that we get to fix and whatnot. But unfortunately, we didn’t get the call and I can’t have this trailer
sitting in front of my house for two days, so we’re bringing her back to the storage, get it locked up, and then, I don’t know, probably drop it off after VidCon. Problem is we don’t wanna drop it off and let it sit for three or four weeks, we wanna be able to use it. So I really want it on a tight schedule, when I can drop it off
and when can I pick it up, when all the repairs are gonna be done. For now, we’ll just
put it back in storage. All right, so Sierra and
I dropped off the trailer, got that all done. Actually used their dump
station for the first time. Kinda convenient that our RV storage place has a dump station that we can
go and just dump the tanks, instead of having to stop
somewhere else and pay $15. Our last place we went to
was really nice, I liked it, but it was $15. I can go and do my RV storage
and dump it there for free, so it’s kind of convenient. But now we’re here at
Walmart because today, today, this day right now, seven twenty, is Lucy’s birthday. Sierra’s friend Lucy, it’s her birthday. How old is she? Eight?? No, eleven! She’s eleven. – [Sierra] You said eight! – Eleven. I knew that, I knew that. Anyways, she’s eleven. So we’re here shopping
for her birthday ’cause– You have a sleepover tonight? – Well, mommy said they
don’t know for sure yet, ’cause we’re supposed to
stay the night tomorrow night for like, the birthday cake and dinner. – [Clint] Oh, tomorrow’s the party? – Yeah, tomorrow’s the party. We’re going to Big Surf, it’s kind of like Wet ‘n Wild. – [Clint] Sweet! – And then tonight, the people she invited might stay the night just
to have breakfast with her in the morning– – [Clint] Okay, so you might
have a sleepover tonight, but definitely tomorrow? – Yeah. – Gotcha. Okay. Anyways, either way, we need
to get her a birthday present, and she’s really into art. She likes art; into art and stuff, that’s what her and Sierra
do when they’re at our house. So, we’re here at the children’s art kits. – Hey, guys! So, we are in the car
again, as you can see, and we figured out what
we were getting Lucy. So we choose, chose… chose two things. We got a chalk board but it’s got these markers
and glitter and some gems, and you can color the frame. And so, it’s like a little chalk board that you can color on. The second thing was the– we saw two of these type things. This is “Make Your Own Glow Pops”. So, they’re lollipops,
you can actually eat them. But they glow in the dark. They use these special gelatin, which the other one was
“Make Your Own Gummies”, which Lucy likes lollipops, so I thought she’d like
the lollipops better. So that’s what we got her
and we hope she likes it. (blender whirring loudly) – All right, guys. So, we just got home and on our way home, we met up with Tammy
to pick up our photos! They’re here, look! I’m so excited! I’m gonna unwrap– Look at this cute little
package she gave us. Kinda cool. So it’s on a CD, so we’re gonna go pop it in
the computer and check ’em out! – So, today is Lucy’s
birthday, which daddy said so, or said. So, I’m going to her– We’re staying the night, or the people that she invited are staying the night two nights, tonight and tomorrow night. And so I got my bag of
clothes, her birthday present, and my swimming stuff for
when we go to Big Surf and swimming at her grandma’s. – [Tiffany] Have fun!
– [Sierra] See you guys in… – [Tiffany] A couple days! – Yeah. – [Tiffany] Why don’t you come
over and say “hi” tomorrow? We can say “hi” since she’s
right across the street. – [Lucy] I can come and see the present. – [Tiffany] When you guys get back come say “hi” to us. – [Tiffany] Yes, please, yes, please. – When we get back from– – [Tiffany] Yeah, just poke
your head in and say “hi” so you can tell us how it was. – [Lucy] “Click”, hi!
– [Tiffany] Good? – All right, guys, so the
photos turned out phenomenal! Phenomenal! I’m seriously gonna have
a hard time choosing which videos go up on the
banners and on the profiles when we update the pages, which ones we’re gonna put
in to the Social Ink page. There’s so many good ones! I think what I’ll end
up doing is probably do a couple now and then, maybe
like, three months from now, refresh them and change them
up or something like that ’cause there are just so many good ones. I don’t know yet– I think I’m just gonna wait. You’ll see tomorrow, my profile
pictures will be different, the banners on the top of the channels, both for and ClintusGames, will all be refreshed. I’m making all new banners,
all new profile pics. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all of ’em, are all gonna have new pics. So, stay tuned. You’ll see those. And then as soon as Social Ink is updated, I’ll let you guys know about those. You can actually purchase the photos and we’ll autograph them for you, so I’m super excited about that! So stay tuned, lots more to come. With that being said, there’s only one more day, after tomorrow, when this video goes up, there’s only one more day for VidCon. OMG, there’s so much more
to do between now and then. Like I said, lots of
stuff going on at VidCon. I’ll be at the Fullscreen booth
for three different events, including our meet-up. Hope you guys can make it if you’re there. Just keep an eye on my
Tweets, get the app, get the app, watch my Tweets, follow me on Twitter if
you have a Twitter account, and that’s where all the
information’s gonna be. Until then, tap the “i” in the sky for the last two years’ videos, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Vlog on!

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