Potato Dry Curry-Picnic Bhaji|Potato Dry Sabzi| Potato Sukhi Sabzi|Batata Suki Bhaji
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Potato Dry Curry-Picnic Bhaji|Potato Dry Sabzi| Potato Sukhi Sabzi|Batata Suki Bhaji

hi friends welcome to my channel kitchen
to kitchen today I’m going to share with you the simplest of all potato curries
it’s made with boiled potatoes and it’s very handy when you want to put together
a quick bhaji hope you like it let’s look at the ingredients for boil
potatoes medium size some curry leaves about 4 garlic cloves and to chilies
crushed 1 TSP of cumin seeds 1 TSP of mustard seeds and 1 tsp of turmeric or
healthy cut the potatoes into medium-sized pieces like these there is
no perfect size so just cut as you like them not too big not too short just
separate them so if they are stuck together here we have the cut potatoes
let’s keep them on the side eat a good high on a medium high flame and add
about 5 to 6 teaspoons of cooking oil once the oil is hot add the mustard
seeds and asked to start to crackle add the cumin seeds add some hint
now add the crushed garlic chilies and the curry leaves be careful as you do it
since the oil is hot and they can splatter on your hand add the turmeric
powder and give this tadka/tempering a good mix fry them for few seconds
amazing aroma of this third guy will fill the room now add the cut potatoes
salt per your taste I’ve added about half a teaspoon mix everything well all
the potatoes with this third cup well if there are any big potato pieces you know
just with the help of that spoon you can break them we’re going to cover and cook
it on a medium flame for about five to seven minutes after about seven minutes
let’s open and check the paaji is ready switch off the flame and garnish it with
some coriander leaves let’s serve it hot this simple potato curry tastes
extremely good and goes very well with a roti chapati or a bootie especially in
the mornings when you’re busy this is really easy to put together hope you’ve
enjoyed today’s recipe please don’t forget to Like subscribe and comment
thank you


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