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(upbeat music) – Good morning guy, welcome. Last day here at my parent’s cabin. And as I promised, I’d
give you guys a little tour of the property.
Like I said, it’s pretty cool. The stuff they have here but
any case, it is a full acre. There’s a garage here with
a, with a covered patio. And it’s cool because
it snows up here. My grandpa was innovative,
very smart man. He makes, he made,
built this awning. And it folds down, right, and
then it covers the windows and the snow doesn’t collect there. The snow runs right off.
It’s really really smart. But big patio there, we’ve
been keeping the bikes there. Tons and tons a fire wood,
when he first bought this place he chopped down,
I think, six or eight trees in the front over here
and so he’s got firewood just, like, literally for years. I mean, he barely has
scratched the surface on that. We’ve got the
cabin there, obviously. And we’ll get a little
more closer there. But then the property
line basically goes down, if you see that wood
log, it kinda goes down. There’s like a brick wall there. Like someone built a
little retaining wall. – [Sierra] Definitely,
the garage and goes down all the way down to the ravine
down there and goes across. – [Clintus] Yeah, so basically
where the garage is, right on the other side
of the garage is kinda where the property line goes
and it just kinda cuts down. I mean, I don’t know,
there’s these fallen trees. It kinda makes me
feel like it’s there. But I also feel like
maybe it’s like on the back side of the garage. Right where Sierra’s
at there, there’s this little brick wall and
then there’s also this, I mean this
whole thing, it’s like someone built this
little thing right here. Like there’s one right here, right? – [Sierra] And there’s like a… – [Clintus] And it
kinda goes here. – [Sierra] thing. – [Clintus] Yeah, looks like
they made like a fire pit or something. There’s a metal
pole that was there, right? And then there’s this,
like, there’s some wires. So something was here at one point, got that little wall right there. But I don’t know, like
I said, we don’t know if this is the property
line and the property line’s kinda somewhere over here or if it’s that stump
but that’s someone’s property line there
’cause they got a swing. The kids are on
their swing and stuff. Here’s the side of
the cabin and, actually that’s kinda the
front door right there. We just never use it ’cause it’s like coming on the back side. Some stacks of wood
that my grandpa had. He had plans
on the patio, the deck and going all the
way around the cabin. And unfortunately,
he just, he passed away before he was able
to finish that project. As Sierra said,
property line goes all the back,
down into that ravine. We don’t have to
walk back there ’cause there’s
really nothing to see. But, I mean,
as you can see, there’s just tons of property here
that he has stuff to do. And you can build some hammocks, build some like
playgrounds, right? This is where
everyone goes poop. – [Sierra] This is the outhouse.
(laughter) – [Clintus] No, really though, this is, like old school outhouse,
guys. Check it out. – [Sierra] It’s actually got like a hole in the
bottom of the floor. – [Clintus] Yeah, like I think
this was at one point a working outhouse,
like, ya know, maybe like 50, 60 years ago. Some recently fallen down trees. That one uprooted and that
one snapped, pretty crazy. This is a memorial
for my grandfather. It’s an oak tree that they
planted with some of his ashes, so some of grandpa’s ashes are actually there
where the tree grew. And they fenced
it off already, so basically that tree kinda dies and come back every
year and it gets a little bigger, little bigger and, I don’t know,
20, 30 years from now it’ll be a full grown tree, hopefully. Got a storage garage here
and another outhouse here. – [Sierra] This is a working one. – [Clintus] This one actually, yeah, this one actually
worked at one point. You can see the
hose right there. But someone’s since
then has cut it off and obviously there’s
a bathroom inside now so no one ever uses it but. – There’s plants. – [Clintus] Yeah, plants are
growing on the side of it now. – They’ve made it
so that the people who stay in this
trailer can have a bathroom since
this isn’t hooked up. – [Clintus] Yeah, that was
the original idea. And so they got a
trailer on their property that sleeps four as well. And then, like I said, the
back side of the cabin here. This is kind of the entrance
everyone goes in and out of. Washer, dryer and
of course the fire pit we’ve been hanging out
at every night, so nice. Same thing with this awning here. It folds down,
protects the windows and then the snow, it
comes right off the roof, just goes whoop,
right onto the deck. And my dad’s been working on
the deck, replacing the boards. Stuff’s been falling
apart, breaking apart. So he’s just, one by one,
slowly replacing the worst of them
and then eventually he’ll replace it all
and then re-stain it. And it’ll be a nice new deck. So yeah, that’s basically it. It’s nice, like I said, it was a home away from
home for my grandfather. He’d come up here in the summers to beat the heat in Phoenix. And my brother, Travis,
would come up here with him, ya know, off and on
and he helped him build that walk way there. And he helped him
build the patio there and the deck and
all kinds of stuff. He put Travis to work,
that’s for sure. And, like I said,
unfortunately he passed away. But the cabin stays in the family, which we’re very happy,
we’re very grateful for. (heavy rain pelting windshield) Big, old, fat rain, rain
that comes in sideways. Rain that felt like it came
up right from up above. Or down below, whatever. (Rain continues to pelt car) – [Tiffany] Silly daddy, huh? – [Clintus] Name that
movie, kids! You know that movie, mom? – [Tiffany] Uh, is it
Forest Links or? (laughter) – Ha! Forrest Links! – [Tiffany] Um, ahh!
Forrest Gump. – Forrest Gump, yup. – [Sierra] It feels like grass too. – [Clintus] Like, we’re
in the middle of a forest, isn’t that crazy? Like as far as you can see. (engine noises and
background radio music) This is crazy.
We are at like 7,000 feet above sea level
and we just, getting ready to pass Greer and just knowing how high we are, like the hills we’ve climbed. The scenery’s just amazing. There’s like these big valleys and even the trees are different. (engine running) I would love to ride my
dirt bike across that, just right across the plain. (imitates engine running) Hill climb. Look at this, it’s like,
this isn’t even Ari- Is this Arizona?
Liike this is crazy. This doesn’t even
look like Arizona. This is like
something from Texas or, I don’t know, Colorado. (engine running) Squirrel! Alright guys, so we made it
our way to our next destination of our adventure and we’re
here at Rainbow Campgrounds up up Big Lake, which I
think is on White Mountain. We’re surrounded by
trees and it’s amazing. You know me. I love being
surrounded by green, the forest, the woods
and this thing just goes down for yards, hundreds of yards. We are on a campground
so there’s a designated spots for our trailers
and for tents and whatnot. This is dry camping. There’s
no electric. There’s no water. There’s no sewage so it’s our trailer kind of holding us down. So here’s our camp spot, right? Trailer’s back in there.
We got a fire pit. Nice open area for the kids
to run around and play. And the Swag’s are just
about three spots over. And unfortunately we couldn’t
get next to each other. But we’re close
enough and there’s a nice little path for
us to walk through. Oh my gosh, you guys,
okay, we might have a little emergency here. So everything’s
hooked up, in it’s place. I’m getting everything situated
to start making dinner. And we have no water
pressure, all the faucets are, just nothing’s happening, right? We have a full tank of water. I filled it up and
the gauge reads. So me and Mike investigated
and the water pump sounds like it’s working but
it’s making a different noise. And we have no water pressure. We took the water
pump off and we put our thumb on where
the pipe and there’s like hardly any suction at all, like
it’s not sucking the water. So my water pump may have
gone out or burned out or the pot, pipes,
I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t know but
as it stand right now, where I’m standing right now, where I am in my campground,
I have no phone reception. Zero and so me
and Mike drove down to the store down by the lake. I got one bar of
reception but no data. So I can’t use the internet;
I can’t google anything. I can’t look anything up. I got the number to a
local RV service shop which is about 35,
40 minutes away but they’re closed already. So I will call them first
thing in the morning. Hopefully they
have a replacement water pump for
the trailer or they have a way of maybe testing it
and fixing my water pump. Because otherwise,
guys, we’ve got no water for the
next three days. Which, I know,
kinda sounds silly. Like if we were in a tent,
we wouldn’t have water. We wouldn’t have a water
pressure or anything. But like, we have sinks.
We have a shower. We have a toilet, right,
we have all the amenities. But we can’t use any of them. That’s like someone
handing you the keys to a Ferrari and saying,
“Here you go, man. “Here’s your own Ferrari. “Oh, by the way,
there’s no gas, sorry.” (sighs) So here’s the
Swag’s campgrounds. Got the dirt bikes on
this side over here. They got a nice little
patio in front of theirs. And now it’s gonna rain. So the rain’s finally stopped. It’s about 8 pm and it
says about 55 degrees. I’m gonna say it’s
probably colder than that. Who knows where the
reception’s coming from. ‘Cause we got no service
here, as I said before. No service, what am I gonna
do for three days, no service? We’ll figure it out.
We’ll figure it out. We’ll get the vlog out.
Don’t worry. Is this where the party’s at? – [Kids] Yes. – [Clintus] Uh huh,
what are you installing? – [Tanner] Fallout four. – [Clintus] Fallout four.
It’s like one of the best intros ever.
I love it. (chattering in background) – No, I’ve never seen it. – [Clintus] No, it’s great.
If you watch the whole thing, it’s awesome. – [Tyler] Greenbo’s Lair. – [Clintus] Is it?
– Yes. – [Clintus] Is it?
– Yes. – [Clintus] Is it animated like this? – No.
– [Clintus] I don’t think so. (I took a pill in Ibiza
by Mike Posner playing) – I want to take off
my shoes and socks. – [Clintus] You’re going
to take off your socks? – Yeah, I don’t, I can’t sleep in socks. – [Clintus] You can’t sleep in socks? – No. – [Clintus] Even when you’re cold? – No. – [Clintus] It’s gonna be cold tonight. (Bryce mumbles) Fifty degrees.
Baby’s ready, she’s bundled up. Sierra’s all bundled up.
She’s got her. (Sierra mumbles) – [Clintus] Her, what are
those called? Uh, bildners. And that’s it guys. That’s
our first night here. Big lake, like I said,
hopefully tomorrow we’ll go into town, get
our water pump fixed or get a new one
otherwise this is gonna be a really crappy trip. We can’t use any of the,
can’t poop in our own toilet. We have a toilet, we can’t poop. I don’t want to
poop in an outhouse. Anyways, tomorrow
we’ll go into town. And we’re gonna
have an epic, epic nerf gun battle
here in the woods. So stayed tuned for that.
It’s gonna be awesome. And then Wednesday,
we’ll go dirt bike riding. There’ some trails
not too far from here. We’ll load up the bikes
and we’ll go riding. And then that’ll be our
last day here at Big Lake. And the following day
we go off to our third and final destination,
so like I said, lot more adventures to
come. Don’t miss out. Be sure to subscribe
and vlog on.

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