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Prague Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

The Central European city of Prague is the
capital of the Czech Republic. Prague began as a tiny settlement on the banks of the River Vltava over 1000 years ago, and today is one of the world’s great architectural
jewels. Like a city from a children’s story book, Prague conjures up images of romantic fairy
tales, and when the clouds roll in, dark gothic folk
stories. Yet, it can be refreshingly modern too. Prague’s cobblestone streets rarely follow
a straight line, the city is a labyrinth where even locals
get happily lost. This was a place designed for horse and cart,
and walking, so pack some comfortable shoes. An easy way to discover Prague is to follow
the Royal Route. This historic coronation path begins at the
Powder Tower, one of the original gateways to Prague’s Old
Town. A few blocks away is Old Town Square, a plaza
surrounded by former palaces. Enjoy some traditional street-food like trdelnik, then gather with travelers from all over the
world under the Astronomical Clock. On the hour, every hour, the clockwork apostles
emerge, just as they have faithfully for centuries. Across the Square is Tyn Church, whose turrets and spires are said to be the inspiration for some of Walt Disney’s famous
castles. Leave the Royal Route for a while and explore
the Old Town. Wander in any direction to discover cozy sidewalk
cafes, galleries showcasing Prague’s modern artists, and historic treasures like the ancient Jewish
Quarter. Back on the Royal Route, wander through the
archway of Bridge Tower and emerge onto one of Europe’s
great bridges. Rest awhile, under the gaze of saints as the timeless waters
of Vltava course through the 16 arches. The Charles Bridge is Prague’s heart. Once across the river, stop to admire the
city’s finest baroque church, Saint Nicholas, before climbing the hill to Prague Castle. Pass beneath the Battling Titans into a complex
of palaces, courtyards, and museums. From the alchemists of Milulka Tower, to the
creation of the modern republic, Prague Castle has played center stage in Czechoslovakian
history. Rising above the castle are the 600 year-old
gothic spires of St Vitus Cathedral, the resting place of Bohemia’s kings, emperors
and saints. After arching your back to admire the interiors
of St Vitus, duck your head to explore the houses of Golden
Lane. These tiny dwellings were once the homes of
castle guards, and later, the city’s goldsmiths. Take in the city from the castle ramparts
and gardens, then head to the nearby Petrin Hill Observation
Tower for the most enchanting views of all. As the sun sets, Prague’s mood shifts again,
as if lit up by the lanterns of centuries past. Even the food takes on a medieval quality
as whole pigs turn slowly over roasting fires. At night, locals and travelers meet under
the statue of St Wencesias to share the days stories, and to begin even more adventures in this
most magical of cities, Prague.


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