Preemie Picnic and NICU Graduate Reunion
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Preemie Picnic and NICU Graduate Reunion

This is a really special event. This is the 42nd annual Preemie Picnic and
NICU Graduate Reunion, and it’s a great event to celebrate the
lives of the babies who have come through the NICU. We’re here to just celebrate their accomplishments
and the milestones that they’ve achieved. And it’s a great way for the families to
reconnect with the doctors and nurses and therapists that helped get them to where they
are today. This is Grace. She was born at 23 and 5. And she was born at 1 pound and 4 ounces, 13 inches
long. And we spent 129 days here in the NICU. Baby. Baby. Baby. Is that you? They were born at 26 weeks. Brandon was 1 pound, 15 ounces. Travis
was 2 pounds. As you can see, they’re not identical. They have two different looks, two different
personalities. But they’re very happy, and they’re very healthy. She just turned 3 on August 25th. She just started preschool. And to see all the kids growing up. I mean, even if they weren’t in the NICU
with Bailey, you see these kids, and it’s like they went through the same path, they
thrived, they beat the odds. I can’t help but walk in here, and it brings
tears to my eyes, and remembering those times of fear — and doubt — and hope. And, just now, it’s nice to
celebrate instead of being afraid. We had amazing care while we were here. Our doctors and the nurses, they were
loving, they were great. They took care of our kids, but they also
took care of us. So we had a really good experience here at
Rush. They are doing amazing. They are both very healthy, strong. You’re strong, right? You’re strong and healthy now? Yeah. You work so hard to help them get to be able
to go home. So it’s great to be able to see these children and see them bigger and stronger. And it helps kind of make our jobs really
rewarding for us and really meaningful.

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