Preppers Unusual Items to Stockpile or Hoard- Prepping For Emergencies
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Preppers Unusual Items to Stockpile or Hoard- Prepping For Emergencies

preppers unusual items to stockpile forgotten survival gear for everyday emergencies must have prepping gear hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper today I wanted to
share with you some survival items emergency gear items you want to make sure that you stockpile you may
have forgotten a lot of these prepping supplies items or not thought about them or realized that
you even need them for everyday emergencies have you ever been out for the day and you wish you had
something you went on a trip you were missing something an important item or supply you took your kids out
in a crowd and maybe you had a hard time keeping your eye on them things fall
apart things get lost things get broken and there are all kinds of situations
when small prepping survival unusual gear and items can really save the day it doesn’t have to be an apocalypse for
you to want to stockpile some of these items and supplies with your prepping gear emergency stockpile it can just be a minor inconvenience that sets your day off wrong at the beginning or something that
you wish you had would change completely the outcome of a trip or a day when
maybe the power goes out so the first thing you want to think about to stockpile for emergencies are small
kits for repairing things we always have things fall apart break get lost when we
need to fix it and get about our business correct emergency situations
so think about small repair kits I can find a lot of these at the Dollar Tree
sewing kits dental repair kits for loose fillings eyeglass repair kits manicure kits a hangnail or a torn
fingernail can seem like an emergency in some situations and a little kit like
this from the Dollar Tree can solve your problem right away there are also little
tool kits you can look for small kinds of wrenches little screwdriver sets
I picked almost all of these items up for a dollar and you can get them for a
few dollars other places as well or make your own survival kits put together some gear items things on your own
think about small kits they can solve problems and those are the type of items
you want to make sure that you have with your emergency prepping survival supplies next think about
some unusual items that can help smooth your life for an outdoor setting
make sure you have several pairs of sturdy work gloves good quality they
don’t have to be expensive but I picked up gloves at the Dollar Tree before and
they were totally worthless the plastic part on them completely disintegrated
and they weren’t worth the dollar so some items you need to spend a little
more to make sure you get the prepping items that you want get some gloves that are sturdy
flexible and I like the gloves ones with the coated palms they last longer the
fingers are stronger they help protect you from all kinds of stickers thorns
rocks and dirt have a few hand tools so that you can take care of any little
business you need including business if the water goes out and maybe you need
to dig a little hole behind a bush you can never have too much duct tape I like
to stock up on a hose repair kit if your host springs a leak or the end comes off
the hose repair kits that you can cut off the end of your hose or cut off the
middle where there’s a leak push in a connector and then screw down clamps
that hold that connector together on your hose can give you a new hose end or fix a hole in your hose hoses get leaks and breaks in the most inopportune time so keeping a few
of these inexpensive hose repair kits items on hand can really make your day be better
clothesline and some clothes pins if your power goes out or your clothes are
wet you can hang them up dry them out and then you solve that problem zip ties cable ties
are a great item to stockpile they come in all kinds of colors all kinds of
sizes they can fix all kinds of things some of them are sturdier than others
but you can always use a couple of the zip ties cable ties to hold things together if you don’t have the strongest one that
you need stock up on cable ties and zip ties for the Handy solutions they can be for a lot of
problems whether it’s warm weather there’s too much moisture in the ground
after a storm there might be problems with bugs and rodents stockpile repellents traps poisons with your emergency survival gear with
something as simple as a flyswatter a few cans of the bug killer one of the problems with stockpiling is I bought a few extra cans of roach and ant killer and I have them in the garage and
didn’t use them for a few years and some of them are just fine but other cans of bug spray seem like they’re empty and I haven’t used them yet so don’t stockpile so
many things that you wouldn’t reasonably be able to use them you want to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money
for your emergency supplies when there’s things like storms forest fires even a
turn of cold weather rats and mice can be a problem getting into your house
into your sheds garage things like that get some traps there’s a whole variety of rat and mouse traps you
can pick them up at the hardware store and even at the Dollar Tree rat and mouse traps they’re
simple to use they’re very effective and it just depends on the type of trap that you
want to use if you do decide to use a poison bait make sure it’s in some kind
of a container only the rodents could get in to so that you don’t end up
accidentally poisoning children or pets put rat or mouse poison it in a safe place so that you’re
just targeting the critters that you’re trying to get rid of along with bug
repellent stock up on some sunscreen even in the wintertime if we end up spending more
times out of doors when the sun is shining even in the snow it can reflect and give
you a sunburn have sunscreen to protect you and your family from burns stock up on manual can
openers I usually pick up manual can openers at thrift stores and yard sales
for less than a dollar you can find all different kinds some of them some are really interesting and they can be a big help opening canned food storage manual can openers go a long way in
helping you open your canned and package stored foods
stock up on matches and lighters I just got one of these free plastic buckets from the
grocery store from the bakery department to store boxes of matches keep your matches dry and they’re going to last
and last in a prolonged emergency being able to start a fire light a candle or
heat something up on a stove can be essential and you might have a lot of
problems trying to do that if you don’t have a good supply of matches or
lighters have a sturdy pot or pan for cooking outside on a fire or even your
barbeque grill most of the pots and pans
we have in our kitchen are not designed for outdoor cooking over an open flame
get a sturdy stainless steel or cast iron pot something sturdy and store it with your emergency supplies an unusual item to
stockpile is flagging tape this stuff is great if you are out hiking around you
can mark a trail so you’re not lost I’ve used it in crowds I take a piece tie it
on my kids backpack on the little straps so I can spot them I put it through the
ponytail on girls and then I could go out even with ten kids and a few adults
and we could easily keep track of each other in a crowd just by a little piece of flagging
you can also put it on your suitcase when you travel so you can spot your luggage when
it’s going around on the luggage carousel I found some mirrors ten times
magnifying mirrors at the Dollar Tree for a dollar of course and they’re great mirrors to put away in your camping gear your emergency gear you can check out how you
look if you care and they’re also great for signaling when I travel places like
Africa where they people don’t really have anything I take a pile of these
pass them out to the girls and they love them so if you ever going to find
yourself living without very many things a mirror might be something extra you’d
like to have too go over a list of unusual items to stockpile for emergency situations and add them to your prepping supplies make sure that you’re
stockpiling the things that you need for any situation there’s a lot of things
that can happen stockpile some items and emergency supplies think creatively on how you could use
things and then when you find yourself with a challenge look over the things emergency supplies you have and probably you’ll be able to come up with a solution to anything that
comes your way learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


  • Ash's Treasure Homesteading and Gardening

    Hello, those are some awesome tips. There are things that people do not even think about getting. We used coupons to Harbor Freight and went and got some free things for our stockpile and prepping. We are planning every other week to get go get some more so that we can replenish what was lost. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day.

  • Lola

    Off to the store to buy some flagging tape :o)
    Just looked it up at the local hardware store… $5 for 600 feet… sooo cheap and so smart!

  • russ elder

    You hit on some good items…….things I never think off. Hope you are having fun with your grandson….you always have a great smile when you are holding him……….GBY

  • J T

    You are so right about the Dollar Tree gloves. They're complete garbage! Here's an item to add. Drill a hole in a Gorilla glue glue stick and add it to your key chain. With the stick and a lighter you can fix a ton of things in an emergency. 😁

  • Vic Namegogan

    Preppers the very most important thing you must have 1611 & 1769 King James Gospel Oxford Authorized Edition😊😄

  • Vic Namegogan

    Romans 1 verse 16. Mark 1 vs 15…John 3 vs 16…Matthew 28 vs 18 thru 20 🙏 Deuteronomy 4 vs 29 thru 31….Mathew 6 vs 6 thru 15 🙏

  • bullshitdave

    The old Dental Floss was the strongest thread in the world for sewing. I don't know about now, but I have lots of the old stuff in my ditty bag I used for rigging the sailboats.
    Agghhh!!!! I found out fast that I need my glasses to fix my glasses, … Thank god for dollar store and cheap glasses.
    Oh yeah, I prep mason jar lids, … There's a dairy farmer close by, … never can tell when there's a load of soon to be dead cow that needs to be "pressure canned". These huge agro business people are going to be so screwed when the SHTF.
    The small farmers will be OK though.
    Can you imagine a herd of over one hundred bawling milk cows and no way to milk them unless you have an army of "hand milkers" … lol No way to get those great big round bales of feed from the back pasture because there's no fuel for the quarter million dollar tractor? Of course, many of these ignorant Agro Business People will just take the cows out back and shoot them, .. then let them rot where they fall. They have no concern for the wants and needs of their community because it's only their wants and needs that matter. It's OK, they will learn the hard way, if they learn at all.
    Matter of fact, I'm getting back into the "farming" myself with a new order for spring Quail and some meal worms.
    The two gardens, the pumpkin mound, raspberry plot, .. are just "hobbies", so are the home canned jams, jellies, pickles, meats, fish, and I even tried canning cream cheese lately.
    Anyway, from what I witness going on in the world today, the vast majority of people wouldn't know what to do with "matches" and would soon have them all ruined with their ignorance.
    I made the mistake of allowing an ignorant person around my preps once. The idiot opened a mason jar full of oxygen absorbers and left it cracked open. "It" wanted to look at them, … Ruined all my absorbers and that might not sound bad to someone who has a credit card and can order over the internet, … but this poor loser doesn't have that option. I have to "pay" people to order them for me, .. What a "loser" eh?
    I was at my friends home and he had company from away. The house was full of food but the people were "starving" because they didn't know how to cook. I'm serious. Crying for MacProfits, and that very profitable "sugared water" called "pop". Looked at the stove like it was a spaceship.
    I can see where the world needs to be rid of such useless filth. And the sooner, the better. I know I'll never waste my preps on such filth, unless they were slaves and only doing my bidding. I would never let such a perverted mentality have a say in my prepared life. As long as they can "hoe" and "carry water", .. they "might" prove useful to me. But seriously, how many of them could even do that simple "work". Many of them would be incapable of it even if it meant their survival, … that's how bad the self inflicted retardation of the people has become.
    So, think of the unprepared, … How are you going to prepare for that? Are you going to feed these stupid parasites? For nothing?
    All the modern human understands, worships, and practices is the win/lose paradigm they utilize to structure every aspect of their lives.
    If they had the ability to comprehend the win/win and what such holy and divine situations of win/win would mean for themselves, their neighbors, and their poor perverted children, … you'd think they would be practicing the win/win by now.
    We are going to learn as a "species" how to work together in respect, dignity, and diplomacy for the greater good, or die trying.
    I'm betting on the later, …. lol Death being the ultimate healing and all that.
    Remember, only the perverted believe the eternal wars, the millions of starving children in the world, the uncountable homeless and destitute, and the horrendous environmental disasters occurring hourly are the result of a healthy, wealthy, and respectful peoples.
    Only morons (adults who think and act as children, GO PATRIOTS!) play silly, childish, meaningless, and disrespectful games of win/lose as a sane and honourable method of structuring their poor perverted affairs.
    Look at the sacred "Demockery".
    A proud statement that we are too stupid to work together in respect, dignity, and diplomacy for the greater good and where we demand to be weakened as a peoples with separation, divided into "parties" and set to fighting each other like the proven fools we so obviously are.
    Bring it on, … The human re-set is desperately needed.
    How that for unusual preps?

  • Tamala Rovaris

    Paul Cresswell suggested super glue! You should try to get a lot if you because not only can you repair broken items but you also can use for sealing wounds ! Doctors use it regularly ( medical grade) pretty much same formula but not in medical packaging! I have used it on my child who had a wound that needed to be closed!

  • Steven Gonzalez

    Spread some dry corn meal where the aunts are an issue. That will do them in. It swells inside their bellies. At least they don't die hungry….
    Rodents do not like mint, but know the real deal from the junk. Plant mint out side. The strong smell inhibits them from smelling food. If it takes over the lawn, the lawn mover doesn' t mind. Google rodent repellent smells.
    Also google rodent repelling sounds. The videos with the black cat are the best. Wall penetrating. All human ears percieve is some quiet clivking sounds…. IT REALLY DOES WORK!!! ….. maybe put it on a memory stick, in case the internet goes down.
    Yeah and obviously try mot to atract them in the first place.

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