President Trump  in the Congressional Picnic
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President Trump in the Congressional Picnic

[Music] well thank you very much and it’s really a tremendous honor to be with you today along with vice president pence and mrs. pence were deeply honored again to host members of Congress and your families right here at the annual White House congressional picnic something that’s been taking place for a long time and we’ve never had a better-looking crowd I must say got a lot of power over the years sitting on that loan but there’s nobody looks like you but I’m a little prejudiced that’s okay we love you all for more than two years I’ve had the privilege to develop very close friendships with many of you and valued partnerships that so many of you have I think most of you have liked we’ve had a tremendous relationship we’ve done tremendous work together passed so many things and helped so many people it’s a great feeling and I think you have a great feeling too we did a lot of work together and thank you very much really appreciate it the fact is there are too many friends here to recognize all of you but I want to thank each and every one for your service in the great halls of our democracy and for joining us in a celebration this afternoon and this evening stay as long as you like have a good time White House is a beautiful place at night that’s something you just enjoy yourselves with your family so you also want to take this opportunity to thank all of the congressional spouses you know what I mean for the service do you have done some job I must say this without you it doesn’t happen and they would never happen so congratulations thank you all very much and this evening we’re blessed to be gathered as a truly exciting time in American American history so many things are happening and so many great things are happening for our country working together over the past two years we’ve made extraordinary progress expanding the blessings of America to all of our citizens since the election we’ve created nearly 6 million jobs nobody would have said that’s possible if we went back two and a half in three years during campaigning have I ever used the expression six million jobs they would have said can’t happen but it did and it’s soon gonna be far more than that by the way based on all of the companies that are pouring into our country they all want to be where the action is unemployment has reached the lowest level in over 50 years African American Asian American and Hispanic American unemployment have all reached the lowest rates in the history of our country who would have thought that and you made it possible we passed tax cuts in the JOBS Act the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in American history we doubled the cha and you know this I think everybody out there knows this and you benefited we doubled the child tax credit and the standard deduction does anybody care about that I think so I think so the average family of four earning $75,000 has received a tax cut of more than two thousand dollars each year and to assure that no American community is left behind we passed Opportunity Zones we worked with Senator Tim Scott he was terrific and we did a real job we did a real job we brought reform to our criminal justice system with the first step act and people said that wasn’t going to happen they’ve been trying to pass it for a long time you know the problems that we’ve had with criminal justice and criminal justice reform we got it passed and we’re now helping former prisoners to rejoin their families and restart their lives there’s never been a time like this people in prison have had a hard time coming out and oftentimes would have to go back in they couldn’t get jobs they couldn’t get employment and now because their economy is perhaps the greatest economy we’ve ever had in the history of our country they come out they’re getting jobs and I want to tell you we get the reports are thrilled they said we should have done this a long time ago so that’s been a great great thing thank you very much for helping on that and very importantly working with the first lady and our great vice president we passed historic legislation to combat the opioid and drug addiction crisis were working very very hard on that opioid we’re down 17 percent from last year who would have thought that 17% big number and to give critically ill patients access to breakthrough cures we passed right to try you don’t want to have to use it but if you do you know people were going all over the world looking for help they were ill they were terminally ill they were very very sick and we have the greatest doctors in the world the greatest labs in the world and they were forced because we couldn’t give them potential cures cures that we’re looking good but weren’t finished with the approval process and now they have right to try they are able to use our medicines early in many cases far earlier than the approval process would allow and we have had unbelievable success and we’re very proud of right to try thank you you got it passed you got it passed and we worked hard to spread hope throughout the heartland helping our strong farmers and ranchers through the farm bill that we passed and as a few people know as you know we passed 16 billion dollars worth of help for our farmers who have been hurt by the situation in China people don’t realize what we did but we do and the farmers do 16 billion dollars because that was the amount that they got hurt by from the fight we’re having more skirmish let’s call it and winning with China and we took care of our farmers and I know our farmers are very appreciative that hasn’t happened before but we’re doing very well in our trade deals but we have and I tell you I call them patriot farmers we had a meeting in the White House we had 25 or 26 farmers great looking people by the way and they were in the White House and I said well we’re gonna help you and we’re gonna subsidize I said sir we don’t want subsidy we just want a level playing field nobody can do what we can do and that’s what we’re giving them we’re giving them a level playing field and maybe more than that that’s ok too but they just want a level playing field we pass record funding to rebuild our great military with 700 billion dollars last year and 716 billion dollars this year to support our warriors and to defend freedom and our great American flag thank you very much for that because that is what it’s all about and for 44 years they tried to pass be a choice they couldn’t get it done our great veterans were not treated properly for a long period of time and you notice how calm it’s been I shouldn’t say this because the opposing party or people in opposition may not like it but you notice how comments been how happy our veterans seemed to be I’ve never seen a period of peace or happiness by our veterans like I’ve seen over the last year and to a certain extent it’s starting we signed it about seven months ago VA choice rather than waiting online for days and weeks and in some cases months if there is a line our great veterans can now leave the VA go outside get a great doctor have whatever is necessary done we pay the bill and they go back and they’re happy we’re taking care of our veterans the first time first time they’ve been trying to get that passed for many many years and also VA account if we had somebody working at the VA who was bad to our veterans didn’t treat our veterans right maybe in some cases even sadistic we had all sorts of things happening there was absolutely nothing you could do to get them out of the system and now we look at them we say you’re fired get out we take care of our veterans so these are more than political victories these are really national victories these are victories for our country we had a lot of them we could go on for a long time we could go a point after point after point no administration in the first two and a half years has done what this administration has done and I thank you because you’re the ones that got it done for us so we appreciate it really appreciate so in particular I want to thank you for your service to our country and its citizens that’s why you were sent to Washington you were sent to Washington to help you were sent to Washington because you’re special people because you know how to get things done and working together we’ve gotten more done just about I think more done in two and a half years and anybody else any other administration you look at our first two years through Congress what’s been passed has been in some cases they call it a miracle so I want to thank you all very much and for this afternoon and this evening let us put politics aside enjoy the company of our friends and to a certain extent our competitors and that’s okay here on these magnificent grounds and let us thank God for the incredible blessing of being able to call America the greatest nation greatest nation in the world and by the way we’re making it even greater I like that we’re making it even greater but I just want to wish you a very special thanks you have been fantastic the job you did is really during the last period of time is really incredible and I have to say this the people out there have a lot of them we’re getting close to the 350 million mark they really respect you and they really appreciate the job that you’re doing thank you all very much thank you thank you and mr. vice president and Karen thank you very much thank you everybody thank you [Music] you [Music]


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