Primitive Technology: Wattle and Daub Hut

Building site Shaping a piece of basalt with a quartz hammer stone to form a hand axe Chopping wood with stone hand axe Cut around the base and break the tree down for a clean cut Cut to length Hammer stake in to form a post hole Remove stake and put post in A vine Lashing wood together with vine Lashing rafters together Rafters in place “Potato vine” leaves. Use fallen dead leaves, green ones are weaker and shrivel Skewer leaves onto sticks Put sticks onto frame and tie with vine Final ridge cap in place Tying wall frame on Uprights for frame A simple bed Splitting sapling Weaving saplings into frame Making fire with firesticks Mining clay from the creek bank Clay, water (in a cup shaped mushroom) and crushed fibrous leaves Mixing fiber with clay gives it tensile strength to prevent it from cracking as it dries and during firing A leaf is put down to stop the clay sticking to the stone The clay is formed into a dish Coils of clay are added to build up the sides The coils are smoothed onto previous layers Each layer should be left to dry slightly before adding new coils so that the pot stiffens and doesn’t slump Several pots When the pot is completely dry a fire pit is dug to fire it . The pit is at least twice the width of the pot The pot is put in and covered with leaves and sticks Surrounding with stones to prevent wind changing the temperature sudenly Animal skin drying on frame (bottom right corner) Good sound indicates strong pot Digging a trench around hut Water from nearby creek Mixing mud to coat walls Collecting paper bark. Although this does not kill the Paperbark tree but it will kill most other tree species A crossbar lashed to the tree forms a platform to stand on Placing bark on the roof to cover the rotting leaves (this is a couple of months after putting the leaves in place) Digging a hole in the wall for a nice fireplace Stone foundation Beginnings of firplace Fire dries the mud out as it is built Bridging over fireplace entrance Wattle and daub for the back roof gable The finished hut is a small but comfortable size

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