ProCamp – mini-caravan Bushcamp PRE – 2018 – introduction
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ProCamp – mini-caravan Bushcamp PRE – 2018 – introduction

ProCamp company Let us introduce you Bushcamp PRE one of the most popular mini-caravan by ProCamp. Reliable off-road camping trailer is great companion on your journeys wherever you go… and whatever you do… Please, meet Buscamp PRE. Front storage box – must have equipment. Bike holder Installation of bike holder on front storage box Assembling is simple and easy …and so disassembling. Chassis of Bushcamp PRE are made by KNOTT company Trailer is connected to the car by 13-pins plug 7/13 pin adapter (for the cars with 7-pin plug) is part of basic equipment. Simply plug 7/13 pin adapter to the connection cable. Bushcamp PRE is equipped with shock absorbers and spring shock absorbers. The pair of rear support legs is a part of basic configuration Crank-handle to set up rear support legs is placed in double floor storage space. Lower the support legs when you park the trailer. Bushcamp PRE is equipped with expedition fenders which you can step on We use 15” wheels with all-terrain tyres as a standard (16″ or 17″ are optional) The front part of the cabin is protected by aluminium plate Pair of handles mounted on the cabin for easy manipulation of the trailer Spare wheel is standard part of Bushcamp PRE There are several ventilation holes for better ventilation of the cabin. Regulation of ventilation There is couple of locks on tailgate Roof railings and roof racks are optional equipment Assembling and disassembling of the roof racks is very easy… …and so changing the position of the racks Bushcamp PRE is equipped with 40l water tank Way to fill up the tank is comfortable enough The lid to water tank filling system is lockable Kitchen furniture in Bushcamp PRE is made from plywood with oak veneering Tailgate is split on two parts Unlock the flip down tailgate and adjust the opening angle or open the tailgate completely Just make sure the rear support legs are lowered in that case. There are safety locks on the drawers as well as lot of storage space And we used silent drawer slides for higher comfort. 40l cooling box is a part of basic equipment of Bushcamp PRE It’s is made by Dometic Cooling box can be powered by 12V or 230V or by gas cartridge Installation and operation of cooling box is simple and easy 12V and 230V sockets for cooling box. Cooling box can be powered by 12V also when trailer is towed by car 200 ml gas cartridge can power the cooling box for 4 hours at least Due to safety reason cooling box can be powered by gas cartridge only when it’s pulled out. It means not when you the trailer is towed by car. Fasten safety strip when trailer is in move There are safety locks on the cabinets also …and silent closing system Another 12V and 230V socket within your reach 230V residual current circuit breaker – RCCB Turned on Don’t forget to turn it off when leaving mini-caravan unattended. Cold water tap with running water – powered by built-in battery. Running water output. (don’t forget to use eco-friendly detergent) Furniture ventilation holes. Kitchen lamp is installed on flip up tailgate. Set up an angle the flip up tailgate is opened. Portable gas cooker is an optional part of Bushcamp PRE. You can use the same gas cartridge like for cooling box. Installation is also very easy. There is an option to install 2-stoves built-in gas cooker and use up to 2 x 2,85 kg gas bottles instead of gas cartridge. In such a case the cooling box would be powered from gas bottles instead of small gas cartridge. A grill plate is delivered with portable gas cooker. 230V connection is standard equipment of all ProCamp mini-caravans. …and so the reduction cable. Just plug it to the mains to get the power to 230V sockets or to recharge the battery. Make sure the RCCB is in OFF position when you plug the cable to the mains. Let’s have a look inside. Secure the door in open position to avoid any damage or accident. 3-position flip up window (with micro-ventilation). The mosquito net and window blind is included. Final inspection label proving that trailer was right checked before shipment. LED exterior light is installed above the door. Interior is spacious – 149 cm wide by 200 cm long 112 cm high (from mattress to the roof) So-called XL version (optional) lengthen the cabin by 20 cm, so the mattress is 220 cm long Cabin furniture is made also from plywood with oak veneering Each ProCamp trailer is equipped with roof window Roof window is lockable and window opening angle can be adjusted. Roof window lock. The part of the roof window is also mosquito net and window blind. Adjust the window opening angle Mini-caravan control panel contains main power switch …and water level and battery status sensors. There are 230V socket and 12V socket also in the cabin. A pair of hinged cloth racks for higher comfort. As well as pair of side storage nets… Reguladable cabin ventilation for comfortable sleeping… … and pair of flexible reading lamps. Interior LED lights are touch controlled and dimmable. There are three quite spacious compartments with door …and three shelves in the furniture. The doors are equipped with safety locks. Each mini-caravan made by ProCamp is genuine We are proud to offer unique handcrafted products. The interior is comfortable enough and makes you feel like at home. The mattress is 3-folded and can be used as a sofa Double floor provides easy access to the 40l water tank… …230V to 12V converter and 12V tracktion battery Moreover it offers extra storage room for your stuff. The total width of Bushcamp trailer is 223 cm (including fenders) The overall length is 410 cm. …and the overall height is 182 cm. One of the most popular optional equipment is an awning. The assembling takes just couple of minutes… Fix the end of awning to the roof racks or roof railings… Adjust the flip up tailgate opening angle if required. Make sure all the cabinet doors and drawers are closed and cooling box secured. Before you close and lock the tailgate Both parts of tailgate have to be locked before you move on. Have a pleasant journey! ProCamp offers high customization and personalization level to all the trailers Customized cabin painting or decoration …to match the trailer with your car …special protective colour painting … to express yourselves Available is also wide range of additional equipment and accessories …to meet all your requirements (combined built-in gas cooker with basin) (other type of furniture veneering…) (built-in audio system) (solar panel as an alternative way to recharge the battery…) Over 300 clients mainly from Europe as well as overseas prove the quality and reliability of our trailers.


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