Productive fishing @ ECP Carpark D5 Breakwater [+ Camping + Cooking]
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Productive fishing @ ECP Carpark D5 Breakwater [+ Camping + Cooking]

Hello folks, welcome to Daddy Where’s the
Dinner. It’s Vesak Day, a public holiday in Singapore
and my family decided to camp at East Coast Park with some friends, do some outdoor cooking,
and, of course, I will try my luck with fishing. I am fishing from a breakwater this time. And boy, were there big fishes! Let me show you in a while. Awesome! We completed. This is Diamantina tent for 6 people. Let me show you around. Okay this is a two room tent. Do I close it? I want to see what is inside. Okay, 2 rooms as you can see. There is one smaller room there and one big
4 man tent inside. Can you go in Jessie? Lenny is inside. Stand in the centre! Jump! See whether you can touch the top with your
head. No. See it is really tall, this tent is really
tall. Cool! Next, let’s go fishing! When fishing at the beach I like to fish Apollo
style with 2 small hooks, hooking on fresh and good quality prawn which I buy from the
wet market. These are not farmed prawns but straight from
the sea. Guaranteed to give you the best result. Okay I got a stingray, got to release it. Small one. Was, the tide is really high and you can see
just now I can see the sand now I can’t see the sand. Come come come! I don’t want to get wet! Those are prawn right, prawn’s head. Right prawn’s head. Going to cast one more time. Wooooo. Okay! Caught a crab. Can you see it? So there is crab here. This one is small, I am going to release it. Find a way to release it. I hope it can at least untangle itself. Shows that crab trap does work. Let’s set the crab loose. Let’s go crab, let’s go man! Where’s your home? Your home is over there! Woo! Caught two! One, two. Oh! I have a fish! Let’s see! [Grunting noises] Eh, Oh, sang cook (I have
no Idea what this means) Ahhh. Must be grouper. Must be grouper. Either that or a stingray. Don’t want to break the string, my string
is too light, it is a very light string. It has to be a stingray. Hope it runs, if it runs it will be okay. If it doesn’t want to run then. Let me loosen the tension to let it run. Hope it will run. Let’s leave it, leave it first. Okay, let us try again. Hopefully, it has moved. Let me tighten, let me tighten it a bit more. Hopefully, it has moved. Yes, yes, YES! It has moved! YES! YES! Oops, oops… Wah, it will break. Dunno what fish is this. So stubborn, has to be a stingray or something. Cannot, cannot. Okay loosen. Be patient. Loosen it. Okay let it be complacent again. I have a big fish, I have moved from the breakwater
to over here. Do you see that breakwater over there? Most likely a stingray but it’s just remained
stuck in the sand. Try my best, try my best. I might break the line but well that is the
only thing I can do now. Still stuck. It moved a while just now after that, it stuck. Some people say if you do this the stingray
might want to release its grip on the bottom of the sea. No harm trying. It is called play the guitar. I really hope that the stingray will release
its grip from the sea base and we can get to see the stingray! If I pull any harder, it will break. Ah! It broke! It broke. IT BROKE! Jessie: Just came out? Lenny: Broke. Daddy: No it is because I pulled too hard. Yay! Look at what I caught! Wow, look! Wow, its a good sickle fish! Even more than a kilogram I believe. More than one kilogram! Okay we are going to have this for lunch! Let’s season the sickle fish and after that
we are going to barbecue it. Ground black pepper. Salt. Cut ginger into the stomach. Let’s put this inside. This is the biggest fish ever! Look here! Put some oil. Jessie: Oh it smells good though. The
fish is almost ready. Let’s squeeze some lemon on it. Our fish is ready. I cooked it in two flavors: one side is cajun
and one side is salt and pepper. Woo! Look here! We are definitely going to do an official
taste test. Okay let’s try it! The meat is a bit tough. You can see that it is a bit tough. Come, let’s eat. Mmmm, very tasty! We are now eating it with tartar sauce. The texture is like chicken, but it is really
sweet! Johnny: This tastes like good tasting chicken. Daddy: Good tasting chicken, my son said. It was alive an hour ago. And now it’s barbecued fish. Bon Appétit! Eat more! Wow see this is so worth it! So much meat, so much meat. After barbecuing the meat, we went on to cook
lamb chops. This is our simple holiday at East Coast Park. We certainly had a great time and you should
try it someday too. See you! Captions by Fabulous Lenny and go read my
blog because I know can shamelessly advertise!


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