Proper Use Of An RV Battery Disconnect Switch By Thor Motor Coach
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Proper Use Of An RV Battery Disconnect Switch By Thor Motor Coach

Inside your Thor Motor Coach, you have a battery
disconnect switch. It may look like this or this, but they work
exactly the same. When you walk into your motorhome, turn the
switch to use and leave it there the entire trip. When you flip the switch to use, it turns
on all the 12-volt power inside your motor home by using the house batteries. You also want to make sure the switch is flipped
to the use position before plugging into shore power… on some of the coaches, this will
pull from the converter. And if you leave it in the store position,
you will not charge the batteries. Yes, the house batteries can and will drain
over time as you use your Thor Motor Coach. But the way the batteries are wired, they
receive a charge from when you are plugged into shore power as the converter powers your
motorhome instead of the batteries. Your batteries will also get a charge when
your generator is on, when the motor on your RV is running, and from the solar charger
if equipped. By having the system set up this way, when
you get home from your trip, your battery will be fully charged and ready to put into
store mode. So when do you put the switch into the store
position? When you are storing and not using your RV. By putting the switch in the store position
all 12-volt power in the RV will be disconnected from the house portion of your motor home. This means items constantly drawing juice
from the battery like the TV antenna amplifier and the Propane Detector.. will be shut off. Take note here, this shuts down your fridges
and LP system. You also need to manually shut the inverter
off from the remote panel as it is wired directly to the batteries and will keep draining the
batteries if left on.


  • RVing with the Moracas

    Thanks I called customer service about this very issue earlier this week. Now I understand better how to manage my batteries. It would have been nice to see this clearly outlined before my battery died.

  • Don Watkins

    How do you turn the inverter off. Do you push the green button that looks like it COULD be a power button. Do you push it and hold it down? Do you push it once? What it the complete step?

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