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Property Management Fort Collins CO | Henderson Management and Real Estate

Hi, I’m Jessica from Henderson Management
and Real Estate. Thanks for inquiring on how we can help you manage your property. As one of the largest property management
companies in Fort Collins and the Front Range, we currently manage over 1,300 units. We currently process between 50 and 100 leases
every month. We have a 98% owner retention rate. Out of those 1,300 units we have less
than 1% vacancy rate that we’ve maintained over the past 2-3 years. We also have a less
than 2% delinquency rate that we’ve also maintained for the past couple of years. We us a 7-step screening process to make sure
we’ve placed the proper tenants in your home and that they’re going to take care of it.
We do 90-day walks after we place a tenant to make sure that we’ve placed someone good,
that they’re taking care of the property and adhering to the terms of the lease. We have our own in-house maintenance team,
our own in-house leasing and our own in-house accounting team. If you’d like more information, we’d love
to come out and do a rental cost analysis of your home, give you a price, tell you how
long it would take to get your property rented and give you any tips and things on how you
can clean the home, do some maintenance, get the home in a condition to rent it. We can have your property up on the market
within 48 hours of coming out to first visit you. If you’d like that information, just click
the link below ( and somebody will contact you to schedule a time to meet
you. Thanks


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