Pulicat Beach Camping | Pazhaverkadu Lake boating | Loosing a 30k GoPro [with SUBTITLES]
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Pulicat Beach Camping | Pazhaverkadu Lake boating | Loosing a 30k GoPro [with SUBTITLES]

This trip turned out to be one of the unforgettable of all time The moment our explorer lost a 30k GoPro camera in the sea Hi guys! Welcome to Heaven Explorer channel Today we are going to explore Pulicat(Pazhaverkadu) Travel distance is approx. 60kms and travel time might take up to 2hrs depending upon your speed and other factors We start our travel from Chennai to Minjur Minjur to Pulicat bridge and at last Pulicat bridge to Pulicat lake This is our team driving like Bollywood heroes in movies but won’t cross 50km/hr speed If you are starting your journey from Chennai you will find green cultivation and forest by the sides of the road and water resources till Pulicat We almost reached Pulicat You should take a left at the start of the bridge connecting two islands There is a small building here where fish is sold You can also view a small fishing village here On the way inside we can see dried fish (karuvaadu) on either side of the road As it’s the start of summer season u can see low water levels In the other seasons, this place will be fully covered by sea (Enthiran 2.0 movie song) If you go in October – March time you have an advantage Because only during this timeframe birds from around the globe will migrate to Pulicat We can also mention this as the speciality
of Pulicat Approximately 15k Great flamingos migrate here every year Even Pelicans, kingfishers, Ducks also migrate to pulicat The crab you are viewing is Fiddler crab The male crabs have one long claw whereas female fiddlers will have equally sized claws Guys our explorer has started to lead the trip We’re going to travel in this boat today The boarding place will be silty so wash your legs like our explorer does before jumping in We are going to start sailing from this point They call this region as pulicat as well as Pazhaverkadu Pulicat is the second largest Lagoon in India A low-level sea region separating two wide range areas is called the lagoon Pulicat is located 60kms to the north of Chennai in Thiruvalluvar district of Tamil Nadu, India In 1502, The Portuguese developed a trading
post with the ruling Vijayanagar kingdom and constructed a fort too Later in 1609, The Dutch defeated the Portuguese During the reign of Dutch, around 38 thousand people were transported in 131 ships to be sold as slaves Finally, in 1825, The British captured Pulicat Later, this place came under the Madras presidency After independence, it was controlled by Madras state In 1968 Madras state was renamed as TamilNadu You can still visit the fort I previously mentioned Every year 2nd February is celebrated as World Wetland day and here people celebrate it as Pulicat day To the left of the video, you can see the shining lighthouse at the place where we started As our explorer planned for a night camping and started only in the evening, we couldn’t capture the location properly But, you are going to see the amazing moments tomorrow morning only We’ve reached the night camping spot Our explorers are bringing the camping stuff into the land LOL! The explorer bribed the cameraman to showcase only him carrying heavyweights He’s our sikindhar bro. He arranged for this whole trip from food to the tent He helped us pitch the tent The explorers are going to sleep in this tent for the night (Un Samayil Arayil movie song) It not only looks delicious, but the taste was also delicious too. We literally hunted food that night. Our kind-hearted camera man serves everybody first In other words, we used him as the server but that’s not the point now Night camping isn’t fulfilled without the
campfire! For the sake of clicking this video now gaze at the explorers. (Kamal Hassan’s movie dialogue) “There is no other trip club like Heaven Explorer” Somebody will comment down that we bribed him to say that Even we can’t believe he said that… So it’s not your mistake (Dharamadurai movie song) Our explorer entered the dance floor and let out his inner Micheal Jackson and Two more followed him into competition This is the hermit crab For its own protection, it lives inside snail’s shell As it grows it looks for different shells After a good sleep, its time for Sungazing from the seashore, Heaven feel! Ghost crab is a common species we can see at all beaches This is the entire landscape view of the camping spot Explorers have started to pack up the tent and jump into the sea to play That’s what we thought would happen but something thrilling happened instead Our explorer went into the lakeside to swim You can see the camera attached to his head You can be the camera’s eyes now We bought this camera for underwater shots and stills Water wasn’t clear enough to capture pictures as per expectations To the left of the video, we can see our explorer being washed away, lol but he came back Our explorer literally tried to shut down
“Heaven Explorer” troupe. He went on enjoying back swimming without even realizing that the headband with the GoPro detached from his head In this shot, u can clearly see the headband missing Only a few dumb moments later did he realise the situation The explorers turned into search party crew As time passed on, our belief on finding the GoPro also reduced Even Sikinder bro came in to help us We couldn’t recognise the right spot also Depth increased above 5 feet as we went inside, So only 3 members swam in to search With all our hopes drowned, Sikinder bro
found the GoPro on his final attempt. The happiness on his face reflects nothing but the effort of all the explorers in search of the 30k GoPro “Captured 40mins” As said by our camerman it was 40 minutes, and all the time everyone were soo frustrated Enjoy the underwater shots of the lost 40 mins There’s a saying “Once lost in sea can’t be found again” But Sikinder bro rewrote it Heaven Explorer team is forever in your debt We dunno what you learnt from this trip
But we learnt “Consistent effort pays off well” This is the real catamaran beside us To know more about catamaran, click on the video link available below in the description Explorers are depressed on the fact of returning back to reality We have come to the end of this amazing trip now If you loved this video, click on the like button Record your suggestions in the comment section below Share it to all your friends and family Subscribe to channel for more exciting free gifts I meant the free experience we give you. If u click the bell icon you will get them in flash speed Don’t forget to subscribe to Heaven Explorer channel. Until the next video tata bye bye


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