Punakaiki, West Coast
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Punakaiki, West Coast

We love Punakaiki. I don’t know how many times
we’ve been there and it’s always great. I just love Punakaiki. I don’t know how many
times I’ve been there, maybe 100 times and I just never get sick of it. It’s so good.
Even in winter and in bad weather it’s just a no-brainer and it’s so easy to go there.
You park up in the car park there, walk for 2… 5… 6 minutes or whatever to see
the rocks. It’s just a no-brainer, eh? You can even get a wheelchair down there,
the track is so smooth. And the rocks, the amazing drama of the crashing waves it just blows me away. Actually it’s better in winter possibly because it is quite touristy and there are fewer people around in winter so it’s worth seeing then if you can. And if you can get there in a high tide that’s worth it. Or in a southerly. Or after a southerly, yup. But Punakaiki itself has quite a lot to offer anyway. It’s got the camping ground, and
the camping ground’s really good. It’s got cabins, places to park your motor caravan, if you’re taking a motorhome. Showers, kitchens, all the basic stuff. And it’s right on the coast so you can just go for a walk on the beach or have a fire on the beach or whatever,
it’s right there. Hire a canoe, actually, is another thing you can do there, you can
go for a paddle if that’s what you’re into. You can go up the Porarari RIver either by
canoe or walking, and both are phenomenal, eh? It’s a hidden gem! It is a hidden gem.
That’s exactly what it is. And you can walk a short distance up the Porarari and get some phenomenal views or go the whole way to the swingbridge and the swingbridge is, you know
just fun, in itself because it’s a swingbridge. You just can’t go wrong really can you? This walk has a nice mix of rocks – the sheer cliffs – and also the bush and the lovely clear, crystal
clear water. It’s stunning. The pub afterwards, is a must-do. You’ve earned yourself a drink And the beer garden’s really good. It’s kinda quirky, kinda weird, but it’s got amazing
views and it’s just a nice place to hang out and have a beer and look at the views. And have hot chips! I love hot chips. There’s only one place to eat in Punakaiki at night and if you’re not happy with the pub then you’re pretty well out of luck, eh? And then once you’ve had your drink you can mosy on down to the rocks again and watch the sun setting. Pretty spectacular.

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