Queens Birthday Weekend | Murray River Winter Camp (PT 2)
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Queens Birthday Weekend | Murray River Winter Camp (PT 2)

good morning beautiful tube of u’ers 7:20
a.m. moist don’t night
no rain plenty of any of jus and dab on the lashes Carl’s covered in it
tables covered in it for the kettle’s on Oh it’s stirring I’ll get that rig out in a
minute morning yeah yeah we got I guess I think I’ll change that out so I dumped it was
last night that’s a great thing about these boxes a little bit rubber seal
c-jun occasion boxes edge asleep to 9:30 was it yeah that’s why woke up with six
toilet seats covered in water Carl’s drenched just started or up dual
battery system so no drums straightaway total wallaby come through account last
night just sniffing around how the boys went through there there’s the Sun breaking in the east gonna be a beautiful day boys and girls no no let’s get this fire cause he bacon the size of it shut up oh geez yeah this big ruling smoking me I can agrestic in boys expecting rain
today so we’ll have this sit-down finish my second cup of coffee
there’s our reps just low carb tortilla wraps and then we’ll pack up get out of
here got the scenic route out I think so
anyway that’s where we’re at what you got there
no geez that’s me stripped down that’ll be Foxy’s Oregon possums maybe
oh yeah coquí’s on the Magpies for everyone oh yeah yep – that’s – don’t know what the
other one is I came out of the tomb rolls carry nah there’s already there
yeah well it turns out the dogs weren’t on the other side of the river I have no
idea what this dogs doing here got no idea she just walked out of the bush
she’s not wet so she has this from the river there’s definitely dogs on that
side no I think we just yep that’s in it is then she just whistled there you go
guys it was the dickheads next to us yep and when we bumped into them yesterday
we’re away from Melbourne that’s right and the Rangers went into their camp yep
how did they hide it yep I don’t know why I mean I know my dogs aren’t allowed
in here because they they mess up with a habitat gonna see the animals that live
here they chase Brumbies and like kind of stuff oh I love dogs I’m a huge dog
nut as you guys know you know yeah especially you know and I hit it from
the range it anyway if I get caught I get caught right with you I’ve taken all
that rubbish that was in there that’s will collect it up and go on all the
poles are gone so that’s all sorted the stuff behind the tree that’s gone I’ve
just got two down sits down again I’ve already give it one soaking I’ll give it
another dose and that’ll be us anyway awesome time at the river had fun
yep hi guys thanks for watching just the bush camp on the Queen Queen
Victoria’s birthday today god bless her and yeah leave a comment
thumbs up thumbs down subscribe for more stupidity and that’s about it see you in
the next one Chinese food I’m so you’re gonna guess true it you’re
not stupid you you


  • Ade Larsen

    1) At the very beginning I thought you'd captured a real Yowie on tape but then it just turned out to be a Walrus.

    2) As a positive : Your swag and stretcher set upย is first class. Good stuff. It's all anyone needs.

    3) That's a Tiger Centipede. They grow to about 30cm because I have seen them here often. The one you found seems about average but the big suckers grow to about a foot.
    I've cut them in half with a chain saw. I think they have nippers too. They are not totally safe.

    4) "I'm a huge dog nut" – we know. We keep telling you so….LOL

    5) Relaxing camp. Thanks for sharing.

  • The Bird Watcher Australia

    Wowee! This is my favourite video! Absolutely stunning scenery with that beautiful music. Just awesome. The brumby mare and foal galloping through the bush took my breath away. Glorious. Thank you.

  • corfual

    Hi Moosy, What a cracking place If I ever went camping that would be my ideal spot, I bet the air smelt fabulous after some rain,Perfect background music choice, well done Moose, Great vid.


    Good footage Mr and Mrs Moose, keep up the good work. Dogs have brains, it's the owners that are lacking. Driving around that muddy bit Moose; laugh I nearly bought my own drink!! ATB, NM.

  • MD Melbourne

    Hey moose and misses moose awesome place that,
    I've camped there many times
    but stopped going there because they placed to many rules and regulations,
    compared to any other place on the Murray,
    it's Australia mate !!๐Ÿ‘Jim

  • Neanderthal Outdoors

    Yo bro nice one, unfortunately there are idiots everywhere mate, we can't escape them lol, good bit of editing here Moose, atb till next time ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ

  • waikarimoana, hunting, fishing

    Hi there Mosse,
    Just home form a 4 day trip chasing trout, good to see you fit and well brother and a great place to weak-up to.
    Thanks for taking us with and best regards to you and Misses all the way from Kiwi land, Tony.

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