Radreise Balkan #3 – Bosnien & Herzegowina – GER with ENG subtitles
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Radreise Balkan #3 – Bosnien & Herzegowina – GER with ENG subtitles

Balkan – Fall 2016 45 Days 2110 km Part 3 Bosnia and Herzegovina Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina! We are about 4 km behind the border now And we looked up this place at the lake in advance We found it on Maps.ME And it’s much nicer than we’ve expected Nice beach and no people Awesome! Hello! That was day one in Bosnia and Herzegovina We cycled about 45 km Now we found a cool old house A ruin – or what’s left from it Here we will pitch up our tent Because it will rain in the night Then we have a roof And tomorrow we can have a relaxed, dry breakfast Thats quite comfortable Olga just cycled 1 km back To get some water Because we’ve found this place spontaneous Did you got water? Yes i got Water! I’ve said “Water, Wada, Wasser” And on “Wasser” he said yes – Wasser here! Tent is ready, now we can start cooking Or? First we’ll read No cooking? We just had tea!
You shouldn’t tell that! With waffles! Rain clothes on Fits to the rain Let’s see… It’s raining quite a lot But… We are well wraped Looks even worse on the video We found shelter here In an earth closet We put on our camping stove Heated up our feet Our bikes are standing over there at the house It was very cold It rained We were completly wet We searched for shelter there and changed our clothes And then went to this place And now it’s snowing Now it’s 3°C When we started, 2 hours ago, it was 12°C It’s getting colder fast But we have a roof… …3 walls and a toilet We got rescued by Stefan and his colleagues We are in an old mountain house And… We just had lunch with them And we can sleep here And dry our stuff and ourselfs at the oven Our bikes are still at the other house It’s about 2 km away We’ll bring them here and then we relax And wait for the snowstorm to pass I just went with Stefan, to bring our stuff here Now everything is here Bikes and equipment Everything’s here We turned on the heating for the water So we can have a warmshower later! And we can sleep upstairs in one of the rooms Box of Beer Is also here and we can take some Awesome! So much luck… That they found us Unbelievable One of the guys here saw us riding today in the morning And then he looked out of the window here if we pass And as he saw, that we didn’t pass He sent his colleague to search us And he found us at the other house and picked us up We sat all day at the oven and dried our clothes Just had a shower And now we have very nice beds perfect! Crazy! This looks amazing! Next morning now We slept great In this nice mountain House Which is kind of getting renovated And as you can see, the weather is awesome! Awesome! Great! We arrived in Jablanica That was about 30 km downhill now Through snow and mud and vice versa But here it’s nice now and no more snow Sun is shining
And we just did some grocery shopping No we we have lunch Amongst other things, this nice bread We made it for today We just cycled out of the city Here we’ll pitch up our tent We changed our route a bit We won’t go over Konjic We won’t go there… …Because the weather shouldn’t be good the next days So we are going directly to Mostar now! Which is about 50 km from here We are in Mostar! We just were at our CS-Host And put our bikes there Had a nice talk Now we are in the old town, doing some sightseeing Pretty nice town – everything is so old and beautiful Of course also some touristic stuff Definitely worth a visit! Very nice! We left Mostar and are in Blagaj now
Blagaja! Blagaja, okay! At a famous… house which is a touristic attraction At this River Quite nice We were 2 nights at our CS-Host in Mostar Mehmet! That was great, we had a nice time Yesterday in the evening there were 2 more Couchsurfer And we had some beers together Very cool! Now we watch this And then we go to Medugorje Faster! Morning! Our last complete day in Bosnia & Herzegovina today We want to go close to the border today Close to Dubrovnik And tomorrow we’ll cross the border And cycle the last 10 -15 km to Dubrovnik Today it’s about 50 km We checked the elevation profile yesterday And it should be flat except for 2 small hills So this will be a pretty relaxed day! Breakfast is ready! Hello, we are in Hum After we cycled about 50 km today We wanted to arrive in this village And get some water and do some grocery shopping But sadly this village was… …like almost all villages today… …completly destroyed during the war So here aren’t living so many people But in this house, one guy was on the balcony Oh, it’s the mayor in person! And he gives us some water! Lucky we Then we go out of the town and look for a campingspot Good morning from Bosnia & Herzegovina Our last day today Or the last hours… …Because it’s only 10 km to the border with Croatia There we go today and then 10 km more to Dubrovnik Back to the Mediteranean Sea There we’ll meet my parents and make 1 week vacation Do sightseeing and see each other again! Which is very nice! Bosnia & Herzegovina was great We’ve been here for 10 days, or? Exactly
10 days And… We were very lucky with the weather There was just some rain Okay, one day snowstorm… But it’s november So it was very good for that! Great landscapes here Nice people Great prices at the supermarket So in total it’s a perfect country for bicycletouring! In my Opinion It was really great Yesterday we had a different view on the country We cycled through an old war zone Here, a bit more to the north, was the border to serbia I don’t know exactly, but not so long ago, here was war So many houses here are destroyed The villages are completly abandoned Or only one or two persons living there Yesterday in Hum We got water from the mayor And he was the only one, maybe one or two more… …living in this village Pretty sad… and hard to see all this This area, where just a few years ago was a warzone And so here are still many mines, and danger signs That was pretty crazy… But nervertheless, the people which we met… …were very friendly The car drivers greeted us So the people are fine… According to the circumstances At least they are happy and they make the best of it Yes… and so i can say… What we’ve seen yesterday… And Bosnia & Herzegovina in general… …it is a very nice country! And we had a super nice time here!



    Ich bin immer wieder fasziniert, wie weit man kommt, mit so wenig Ausrüstung.
    Würdet ihr die Räder von Böttcher wieder kaufen?

  • Thomas Hach

    Hallo ihr zwei,

    wieder mal ein tolles Video von euch. Ich bin gerade in Bulgarien unterwegs, auf dem Weg nach Südostasien. Vieleicht fährt man sich ja mal über den Weg 😉

    Viele Grüße Thomas

  • михаил доценко

    в Пугачеве на спидометре у них было 15 000 км..прилично накрутили.кстати жена у немца русская..и конечно он прилично шпарит на русском..молодец.

  • know your meme

    This looks awesome… I am currently planning a trip from Copenhagen to Cape Town by bike, it'll be a couple of years before I do my trip. Best of luck on yours!!!

  • addi83

    Hey ihr Zwei! Habe mir gerade mal eure geplante Route auf eurer Homepage angeschaut – beeindruckend! Ich finde es gut, dass ihr unterwegs so viele Staaten und interessante Orte wie möglich mit dem Fahrrad erkunden möchtet! Das ist viel besser, als mit dem Jet von Highlight zu Highlight zu hüpfen. Wenn ihr ein paar Tipps zu Südamerika braucht, sprecht mich gerne an! Was ihr auf jeden Fall tun solltet, ist von Paraguay wieder nach Argentinien zu fahren und dann über den Paso de Jama nach San Pedro de Atacama. Von dort dann über die Lagunenroute bis Uyuni in Bolivien. Ich verspreche euch das landschaftliche Highlight eurer Tour und gleichzeitig die Härteprüfung 😉 Eigentlich gehört die Route ins feste Programm eines jeden Radreisenden in Südamerika. Ihr könnt ja mal googeln, das Web ist voller toller Geschichten darüber! Jetzt aber erstmal viel Spaß in Mütterchen Russland!

  • Angi Cat

    Hallo Ihr zwei Lieben, ich schaue begeistert Eure Videos an, es ist zwar schon bald ein Jahr her das Ihr in Kroatien wart aber ich bin so bewegt, das ich es eichfach kommentieren muss. Unfassbar wie die Leute auf Euch reagieren und sogar nach Euch suchen gehen um zu helfen. Und wie Ihr strahlt soviel Glück zu haben. Ihr seit meine perfekten Reisenden! Von Herzen allzeit Gute Fahrt. Angi
    PS. Ich schaue Eure Videos während wir unsere Wohnung auflösen. Sie motivieren mich weiter zu machen.

  • Peggy Stolpe

    Und haben die neuen Stiefel auch gut warm gehalten,damit die Zehen nicht einfrieren. Schöner Beitrag wie alle anderen auch.LG

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